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On the post 1963 Scottys that used 1x framing over the top of the ceiling there is an excellent opportunity for insulating the spaces between the 1x over-framing using 3/4" foil one side insulation board. This may be purchased in 4x8 sheets at Lowes, Home Depot, etc. Foil tape, also bought in the insulation sections of these stores works great to hold it in place. (photo courtesy Michael Leichty)

For pre-1963 Scottys which have 2x2 framing inside the Scotty, and for use on the sides of all Scottys and over the top of the post-1964 Scottys, this radiant foil will add reflective value to the sides without causing problems with the skin not going on smoothly because of the thickness. It will also be good to cover over the front/top/rear. Aluminum foil tape is good for adhering it. And use of flashing tape over the edges will seal them as well.

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