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Join the NSSO

You are requesting membership to an organization of fellow Serro Scotty owners, good people who are happy to provide assistance. We have a group on Facebook that is our communications mechanism. Only those who join the organization may belong to our Facebook group.

There is a $25 one-time membership fee to join this organization. This non-refundable fee is used to offset the real-money costs of running this organization and maintaining this website. Please note memberships must be activated using your actual name only. We do not accept memberships with business names. All persons joining the organization will receive, upon payment of the membership fee, an aluminum membership tag. This tag is suitable for affixing to the exterior of your trailer. Please allow one week for membership activation.

NSSO membership tag

Clicking Buy Now takes you to a Paypal link where you will pay the one time $25 membership fee.

National Serro Scotty Organization | Delton, Michigan 49046