Issue #191 [Archived Newsletters] April, 2022


Happy Easter - Sandy Waller's Scotty all ready to celebrate!

Already looking ahead to our 2024 event schedule. One that is being looked at specifically is a road trip of Pennsylvania. This map may not be the sites we will hit. Turns out there are a lot of Pennsylvania Road Trip maps, including waterfalls of PA.

Note, all of the 2023 event pages have been updated to include what date we should begin reserving sites for them. Some of those reservations begin in 2022, so please check the pages below if you are planning on coming to any of those events!

Upcoming Events

Scotty Gatherings

Not a "Scotty gathering" per se, but a really cool picture of the Martell's '68 Scotty camping between the big boys.

Welcome new members!


  • Tammy McDuffie, Debary

New York

  • Lorraine Brownell, Buskirk


  • Jennifer Ray, Athens
  • John Thomas, Madoc

Looking to buy a trailer?

Other cool/retro/trailer sites

Gracie Eland is camping with us in Charleston this fall and bringing her Mom, Dad and HiLander. Go Gracie!

Martell Scotty at the Salton Sea

Martin Van Trigt and his rig went from Canada to Georgia to Florida to Georgia and have returned to Canada

Bridget Walker-Vestal's Scotty

Tammie McDuffy's Scotty

John Garnett is making progress

And so is Michael Leichty (WOW)

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