Issue #171 [Archived Newsletters] October, 2019


Molly is coming to Four Mile Creek/Niagara Falls. She is even making her first foray into another country. Mabel is of course old hat at traveling through Canada!

Final stop of the May, 2020 road trip is Shipshewana, IN, where the men can pop up to White Pigeon, MI and hit Bontrager's RV Surplus

And Johnson's RV Surplus, also in White Pigeon

While the women hit the Shipshewana shops. And of course not a requirement - both genders are welcome to do either/or. Registration is coming up very soon for the Shipshewana leg. I have spoken to the campground and they say we should NOT use their online system. More info posted to our Facebook group soon.

September 2020's trip to the ADK will include a side trip, for those who wish to go, to Dog Mountain in Vermont. This is the chapel there. Those are pictures of people's deceased dogs that they wish to memorialize. There is also a park area where dogs may run together off leash. Read more about Dog Mountain.

Camping opportunities

Scotty Gatherings

A chance gathering as Mabel and Russell were stopped at McDonald's enroute to Pine Grove Furnace. NSSO member Jim Harvey noticed the Scottys and then he and Nancy had an "aha" moment, recognizing each other from our Cooper's Lake Rallys formerly held in Pennsylvania, which gave us a mini-gathering photo opportunity.

Jim's 2010 National Scotty Rally photo. A 1977 14' Front Kitchen, a rare model only made for one year, not popular so discontinued.

Very nice crowd showed up at our Pine Grove Furnace State Park event in Pennsylvania. Watch the slideshow!

Welcome new members!


  • Patricia Holigores, Downey


  • Phyllis Mercurio, Winsted


  • Jim Gheesling, Wrens
  • Tammy Jones, Madison


  • Patti Johanson, Batavia


  • LeeAnn Howard, Michigan City


  • Trevor Meece, Battle Lake

New York

  • Bonnie Donaldson, Tonawanda
  • Steven Everts, Romulus
  • Judy Rosello, Oneida


  • Maureen Buescher, Cincinnati


  • Kayla Blystone, Quakertown


  • Theodore Drettwan, Burlington


Looking to buy a trailer?


Scotty restorations

We won't recommend any particular restoration shop. But we do provide guidelines to help your search. See our guidelines...

Other cool/retro/trailer sites

New member Bonnie Donaldson's 1992 21.5 Scotty

New member Jim Gheesling's new 1969 + HiLander

And new member Trevor Meece's pre-69 HiLander

The Lamberts took their Scotty out

Chaco and Laurie continued camping back down to Florida after Pine Grove

Kathryn Gionet made it out with her 15' Gaucho

The Kesty's got out and about

As did the Wilby's, in New Mexico

And Keely Rusinova in Florida

While the Janzes visited the Grand Canyon with their HiLander

Brian and Jane Dorsey making some excellent progress on their rebuild

Kel Lee has her floor done and best of all, it fits!

Linda Barton has side walls on and they look great

And looks like Mary Ylisela has it all wrapped up

The Morris' continuing great progress and great beauty

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