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Mabel Kroes' 1961 3' K9C Build Mabel asked for her own Scotty - and having pieces and parts from a 1961 Front Kitchen, thought it would be a fun project.

I began with a heavy-duty tricycle trailer with pneumatic tires

Since the Scotty's wheels would be under it, and not outside of it, like
the original trailer, asked my favorite welder to cut the axle down a few
inches and reweld it (Mabel says thanks Grandpa!). Also painted the axle
and tongue black, to match our 1961 13' Front Kitchen

Since this has to be lightweight (it will be towed behind an electric scooter),
the sides are 1/4" plywood

Axle mounted to the 1/2" thick floor

From the side - I think it looks *right*!

Mabel thinks so too!

Because the sides are only 1/4", adding another 1/4"
along the edges for strength to attach the plywood that will form the front

The window frame is attached

One to drill, one to countersink and one to screw...
Mabel says a girl can never have too many cordless drills!

Or clamps!
Framing is complete; interior painted

Spatter paint - Mabel asked for it in gray though, to match her cushion!

DONE! Just in time for the National Rally next week...
I had Scott of The Scotty Store (decal link on the nsso site)
make me a 1961 version front decal in 50% size.

Another Ebay seller made me the replica of a 1961 Michigan trailer tag
Again, it is PERFECT!
Those are teardrop marker lights - not hooked up though.
And, Mabel displays her NSSO membership tag proudly!
The cushion fabric came from Miss Patsy Boardman (Mabel has a special
surprise for Miss Patsy at the Rally next week)

Mabel says it is just right

And, there's even room for a friend

To put it in perspective - here it is with my '69 13' Gaucho

And, with our other 1961 Scotty, the 13' Front Kitchen

Her maiden voyage!

At the Rally, towed by Colin Clutter in his hot rod

And her official rally photo
National Scotty Rally 2007 - Cooper's Lake Campground, PA
Theme that year was "It's the Year of Your Scotty"
which is why Mabel is wearing a Scotty dog appliqued cardigan
and a hip-stitch pleated plaid skirt.

On May 14, 2016, Mabel rushed to Eighty Four, Pennsylvania
and turned her Scotty over to her buddy, Russell Leichty.
See Russell's new Scotty...

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