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Russell Leichty's 1961 3' K9C Project

On May 14, 2016, Mabel drove to Eighty Four, PA and passed her Scotty on to her buddy Russell.
This is now his page!

Already has his customized license plate, thanks Mabel!

That Woolrich has to go. Russell does not have a matching scooter or teardrop.

Russell's dad Mike to the rescue!

Taped off for turquoise paint

Taped off for white paint

Painting is done

Added a tube bumper

Polished trim and replaced a few pieces

Thanks for the new license plate Mabel!

Lights reinstalled

Braces for the Tonneau cover

Tonneau cover made from scraps from our 67's awning

From the front

Polished and touched up the window. waiting for the new 50% sized decal

Making a new tongue and functioning tongue jack

Finished and out and about with it!

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