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Tail Lights and Running Lights

Many are replacing their original lights with similar looking LED fixtures. Not only are LED lights much brighter, but they have a discrete ground wire as well. This eliminates the majority of light problems as original lights were grounded through the skin and some days they worked, and other days they did not.

These are very similar to the original lights used into the 1970s

The Yankee Turnflex Taillights used on the older Scottys originally are no longer to be found. Below are the original lights, showing depth and width. Also below are some solutions for replacements, or fixing your originals. If you have anything to add, please e-mail me.

Original light problems

From Dan: This  probably isn't new to many here, but a new discovery for me. Maybe it will help someone solve why tail lights may be on again, off again? We all know to check bulbs, grounding, and the wires themselves, etc.

I totally dismantled the rear tail lights and what do I discover? Check the enclosed picture. The original pig tail on the left has no spring as the new one on the right side does. No doubt this must have made an intermittent connection and not visible to find without pulling out the pig tail, and if one checked electric current with a meter instead of a light bulb, you would get a good contact as you provide the "spring".

An easy way to check your lights if you have intermittent on and off problems and it isn't the ground, is to remove the light bulb and push into the socket with your finger and you can feel if there is a spring.

Repairing original lights

An original Yankee Turnflex light

Width of the orignal light

Depth of the original light

  • From Steve Provost:I found replacement parts for the light bulb sockets themselves!  They're manufactured by Peterson Manufacturing Co. of Grandview, MO 64030.  Their name is, "Replacement Pigtail" and their part number is 413-07. Our dealer called them "Contact Pigtails" and they cost $1.89ea!


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