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Recreating a Scotty Dinette

These pictures and sizes are for a 76" (exterior) wide Scotty. Later years became wider and the added width was a shelf/storage area behind the driver's side dinette bench. Actual dinette and table should still be the same dimensions.

Photos courtesy of Adam Wiedmann. Leg bracket link courtesy of Jane Thiebeault.

Overall table height

Table length

Length to start of curve

Curve detail

Passenger side curve detail

Passenger side curve

Total width

Leg detail and showing table in up position

Table down

Table down, from below

Folding leg bracket, recommended and used by many

Bench width

Bench length

Bench from wall to beginning of diagonal

Bench side width

Bench side height

Bench side height

Carl's Drawings

This is the pattern I came up with. If you have access to a large format printer (36"x36") you can print it out. I have not used this yet and your dimensions may be different!

See full sized image...

See full-sized drawing



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