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Anti-swap and Weight Distribution

Highly recommended by Tim Heintz and used exclusively by his trailer restoration shop:

I use a system called the ANDERSEN Anti-Sway System, which is an all in one system that not only is a Sway Control Device but also anti vibration, and WD hitch (and it is totally silent, no loud moaning sounds like traditional sway bars). I use it on all my trailers, from 11' to 40' long vintage trailers. A very simple process and although it may appear to be over kill for smaller trailers it does make a difference on my 1968 13' Scotty even pulling with my huge 2011 F250. It really works as well as the video shows, I was skeptical until I bought my first one, now it is all we use here at our Vintage Trailer Restoration Shop! 

Easy to install too....welding not required, just a little time and a couple of wrenches....that is it! The only all weather system too, sadly no one reads instructions today but if you were to read the instructions on the other kind of sway BARS you would be surprised to read that it must be removed in Rain, Sleet, Ice, Snow, Heavy fog, and any other wet conditions (Water in the rubber friction pads will ruin them).....basically all the times you would need sway control!!!! Andersen is ALL Weather

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