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Bob Shetrone's Air Conditioning Solution

Bob Shetrone's A/C
Bob cut an opening and mounted his a/c in the middle of the back of his Scotty

Bob Shetrone's A/C
He used a Sears 5150 BTU unit and 100 pound drawer slides

Bob Shetrone's A/C
To keep the clean look, Bob used an oversized access door.
Once he got the slides in, he cut the door down and welded it back up.

In 2007 Bob added this: I have one "snafu" with mine. It works good when the back is a couch. When its made into a bed, the air doesn't circulate and goes right back into the vent. The cold aid drops out of the vents and goes right back into the return air vent. A $12 very small Walmart-special fan with an adjustable head took care of that. We tested it last year on a 95 degree day and the 5150 BTU a/c kept it to 64 degrees!

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