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Jennifer & Russell Stott's 1968 15' Gaucho Project

As picked up in Pennsylvania - headed for Fayetteville, GA

The old tires - replaced after 30 miles

Original electrical box

Crumpled access door - will become the a/c vent

Obviously someone had sideswiped this camper

Rusty door jamb - will be removed, sanded & repainted

Lights & license plate holder need to be repainted & replaced

More damage - to front corner

Hitch needs work and paint

Original ice box needs replacing (wires are for temporary towing lights)

Rot & damage in rear - needs to be repaired

Peeling back skin to expose & repair more rot damage

Underside before repairs

New pressure treated support added to bottom rear

Russ starting work on the a/c

First attempt at a/c under the bed

Rear repaired and work great

A/C all installed - original grill with wood cutout from behind to make a functioning grill

Drip pan out of sheet metal to fit a/c. Corners riveted
then soldered and then sprayed with Herculiner to make waterproof

Hole cut in middle of pan and tubing (drain) installed

New electric only refrigerator installed

Rotten area in rear removed & replaced with new wood & support

Both Scotty logos repainted and reinstalled

Sputnik at our maiden voyage to Amicalola Falls, GA.

Propane light works great!

Hitch cleaned & repainted. New safety chains, hitch lock,
propane tanks & sidemount jack installed

Rear access door refitted with vents for a/c

A/C didn't cool as well as hoped. Needed additional venting
and added a fan to help circulate the air. A small boxed area was added
for insulated flexible duct and route through. Ductwork was then run behind the refrigerator and into the closet area.

Electrical box moved to accomodate the a/c ductwork. Second a/c
vent added above the closet door. The a/c now works well enough
to hold cool in the direct sun at 100 degrees!

New vintage light added to replace broken one in rear.

A/C ductwork takes up small portion of the cabinet under the fridge

The refinished sink and new paper towel holder

New curtains & curtain rods. Kids voted to keep the tie-dye on the back
bed as they said it suited the vintage look.

Hammock pilfered from another Scotty and installed over the dinette.
Cushions covered with Grandma's vintage drapery fabric.

Ready to roll!

Son & Sputnik in hammock

Two kids; three dogs - just fit!

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