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Ken Needham's 1968 15' Gaucho Project

The front edge strip is pulling away and there's some rot inside around the window.

The back side. Not too bad - nice bumper!

Front interior. Cushions don't look too bad!

Signs of leakage!

I've cut out the bad wood around the front window and will replace it with new. I'm thinking about just overlaying new plywood over the old.

The window ac unit I picked up for $5.00. It will be boxed in and vented out the old fridge vent area. A small electric fridge will be above it. I have to eliminate one of the two cabinets to fit it in.

A closer picture of the a/c

From the outside

The a/c wasn't as wide as the opening, so it is boxed in.
During its maiden voyage, the a/c worked well.

Matilda, the australian terrier, checks out the progress!

My tow vehicle, a 1976 AMC matador, 43,000 orig. miles  $700. 

I've replaced the wood around the front window.

She's put away now for winter 2005!

Holidays are over and back to work!

New plywood over the damaged areas.

Another view--nice fit!

Scotty bedcover, and will also be new curtains!

Fresh paint on the new wood!

All spiffied up!


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