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Nancy Kroes' 1978 Boler Project (sold in the fall of 2018)

As she looks, day one

Door side

Driver's side - vents are for the range hood, 3-way refrigerator
and the furnace

And from the rear. The window isn't broken. Someone added
tinted film and its all wrinkly. Will be removing it.

Tongue - smaller than 20# propane tank. Most likely old style

Lots of goodies here - some kind of power inverter ???

Came with the bunk beds. Upper bunk to be removed, leaving a "couch" below

Big dinette in the rear - will make it a full time bed.

A bit of mildew, this should clean right up

Nice closet

Powered fan in the roof vent and it actually works!
Vent lid is cracked and needs replacing - vent has active wasp nests in it.

Commercial quality Mildew & Mold Remover!

And it works great!

One side is done.

Upper bunk removed. That middle lower section is where a porta-potty went.
You could actually lift the hatch and use it in place. I, however, tossed the old porta-potty!

Painting the wheels after new tires were installed.
Normally I'd paint the wheels before the tires, but didn't have time.

Nice little ST185-80-13s

The original roof vent. Cover is broken.

From above. I'd thought a paper wasp nest was there,
but it's been covered with silicone

On a Boler, everything is riveted, not screwed. Drilling through the rivet heads.


I made a 1 1/6" thick by 1 5/8" wide cherry frame for the inside

Siliconed and clamped to the ceiling. This will give me something to screw
the vent in from the top. There is no wood framing in the  ceiling, just about
1/8" layer of fiberglass. I think the vent will be stronger when I'm done!

Install went smoothly - used butyl tape and stainless steel screws to attach

And, from the inside. This fan has proven to be too noisy. Will be replacing with a Fantastic Fan vent.

I parked her under a tree and used her as a guest
house. Three years later and ugh, covered in lichen.
Was unable to remove the wrinkled tint on the front and rear windows so replaced both
with new tinted plexiglass. Works great and adds a measure of privacy as well.

What a mess

It was thickest on the roof. Discovered that soaking it in hot water and letting it sit,
I could scrape it off with a plastic putty knife. That still left stains that had to be scrubbed.

Spare tire rack removed.

Getting there on the lichen removal

Cleaned all the extra stuff from the tongue and added new safety chains

Now to the inside crud removal - out with the old furnace! I will use an electric space heater.

And the non-working refrigerator. What a mess.


Years of gunk under the fridge cleaned up

Sink and stove top removed. Going to use a camp stove instead.

This is what's left of the very poor condition access door

Laid out the lower bunk cushions on a sheet of 1/4" plywood and cut around them

Filled in the crack between the two cushions with quilt batting
and then stretched another quilt batting around the two

Stretched really heavy denim around both and stapled it to the bottom of the plywood.
Thought being this will make it easier to lift the cushions to access the under bunk storage areas.

Did not take pictures of the interior paint job. Scrubbed the interior well with a bleach
based cleaner to kill any mildew remnants. Then two coats of a water-based KILZ primer.
Two coats of a pale green on the walls and ceiling and two coats of a darker shade
of that green on the cabinets. The cabinets were sanded first to remove gloss.
(note these colors were her first redo - did not like the pastels and redid in Rustic Adirondack)
Here I have replaced the table with 3/4" plywood to take it out to the full width.
I am going to a full-time bed. The solid cherry strip across the front is trim and
also adds strength to the plywood.

See her completed pictures


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