Issue #167 [Archived Newsletters] June, 2019


Not an NSSO event, but some members will be camping at several campgrounds in Alaska in July and any Alaskan NSSO members are welcome to join us. More info...

Reservations may be made now for our September event at Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Pennsylvania. More info...

In October we will visit the US side of Niagara Falls. Make your reservation NOW, if you are coming! More info...

We will camp near Cuyahoga Valley National Park in June of 2020. We cannot make reservations yet, but be prepared to make them in the first few days that we can make them as the campground we will stay in will be fully booked quickly. More info...

In September 2020 we will again camp in the Adirondacks, a bit further north than we normally do. We will be taking a side trip to Vermont, for those who wish to go. Too soon for reservations yet, will announce when we can begin. More info...

Have added a second stop to the September 2020 Adirondacks event, the beautiful Letchworth State Park. Will announce when reservations can begin. More info...

Camping opportunities

Scotty Gatherings

In May we gathered at Calhoun Falls State Park on the southern border of South Carolina. It was HOT, but we had fun. Watch the slide show.

Welcome new members!


  • Victoria Deppe, Fishers

North Carolina

  • Mark Casstevens, Yadkinville


  • Susan Massa, Crestline


  • Douglas Brouder, Gilbertsville


  • Lauren McDaniel, Nashville


Looking to buy a trailer?


Scotty restorations

We won't recommend any particular restoration shop. But we do provide guidelines to help your search. See our guidelines...

Other cool/retro/trailer sites

Dan and April Speed, ready to roll

Jason Wilby, almost ready to roll

Jeff Myers family first time out in CO

Jennifer Peek is out and about

As is Joann Simon, in OK

John Martell, in Maine

Kirsten and Perry headed to Nashville

Wes Janz got out

Tim and Susan Viall did some traveling in the northwest

Bryan Maynard's beautiful rotating table

Nancy Kroes is starting her Kozy Kabin project, a frame up as soon as the rotted floor is removed. She has a great crew to help!

Kellee came to visit us at Calhoun Falls and then went right home and started her full Scotty rebuild

Kristy Johnson has also started a rebuild

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