Issue #166 [Archived Newsletters] April-May, 2019


Russell Leichty is ready to hit the road in his 1961 Canine Scotty. With you Russell, so are we!

We will visit Congaree National Park in South Carolina from our Calhoun Falls event this month.

We will also make a visit to the August Riverfront (Savannah River) Market on Saturday of our Calhoun Falls event.

And afterwards dinner at T's, for those who wish to partake.

Alaska! Some of us will be touring in an RV rental - check out our stops if you want to meet us with us.

Pine Grove Furnace in PA in September - you can still reserve a site!

We will visit the Appalachian Trail Museum from Pine Grove Furnace. We can even walk a bit of the trail if we want!

Niagara Falls US in October - if you have a passport you can also see the Canadian side. Sites still available!

I am hoping we can see freighters crossing Lake Ontario as they enter the Welland Canal to cross to Lake Erie. They may be too far out to see from our Niagara Falls campground, Four Mile Creek which is on the shores of Lake Ontario. This event makes the final Great Lake for the NSSO to camp on, we will have camped at them all when we finish this event!

Camping opportunities

Welcome new members!


  • Yolanda Camacho, Jacksonville
  • Katy Carroll, Port Charlotte
  • Melinda Murphy, Saint Petersburg
  • Jason Wikman, Lakeland


  • Donald Sinisi, Scottdale


  • Steven Milley, Framingham


  • Gloria Wattam, Shell Knob

New Jersey

  • Vincent Williams, Brick

New Mexico

  • Jason Wilby, Albuquerque

North Carolina

  • Sandra Long, Boone
  • Diane Varnadore, Warrenton


  • Teddy Bair, Portsmouth
  • Summer Stevens, Garrettsville


  • Randall Naugher, Pittsburgh
  • Ray Parks, Wrightsville
  • Daniel Worley, York Springs
  • Debra Young, Ellwood City

South Carolina

  • Gloria Hutto, Gilbert


  • Laurel & Randy Patton, Memphis
  • Jennifer Peek, Sparta


Looking to buy a trailer?


Scotty restorations

We won't recommend any particular restoration shop. But we do provide guidelines to help your search. See our guidelines...


Other cool/retro/trailer sites

Love Patricia Comstocks's yellow Scotty. So cheery looking.

John Martell has his Scotty out and ready for the new camping season

Connie and Randy Naugher camped in PA with their (Kerola) Silver Pup Scotty

Dana Williams attended a Kenny Chesny concert in Charleston with their Scotty

Dan Zen at the Glamper Fest in Red Bluff, CA

Darrell and Pamela Loy out and about

Debbie Watson did her first vintage market show with her Scotty

The Reeds camped in Colorado

Jeff Wilson had his '59 at the Vintage Torquefest in Debuque, IA

Kenny Tolbert camped in Lizzy Borden with his beautiful granddaughters

Margie Fisher camping in Virginia

Mike, Jacob and Dakota boondocking

Along with Zach and Jenn and the boys

Scooter Duke out and about

Sherry Marcuz-Kohnen is supervised by Tilley from the Shasta as she starts her Scotty project

Bryan Maynard is painting - nice!

As is Jason Wilby - nice job!

The Dorseys are building cabinets - nice!

The MaMahons have gotten started on their Scotty project

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