Issue #165 [Archived Newsletters] March 1, 2019


View out my camper's door on our first camp-out on the Mississippi River in West Memphis, AR. We will revisit the Tom Sawyer RV park in April, 2020. More info...

Also in 2020 we will camp near by the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and take in all the beauty found there (no camping in the NP itself). More info...

Camping Opportunities

Bored with winter, waiting for camping season?

Check out the winter camp-in, anywhere you are slide shows from previous years!

Winter Camp-in 2011

Winter Camp-in 2012

Winter Camp-in 2013

Winter Camp-in 2016


Welcome new members!


  • Scott Rogers, Sierra Vista


  • Denise Shatos, Leominster

South Carolina

  • John Rowley, Chapin


  • Josh and Kandas Tedesco, Corryton


Looking to buy a trailer?


Scotty Restorations

We won't recommend any particular restoration shop. But we do provide guidelines to help your search. See our guidelines...


Other Cool/Retro/Trailer Sites

The Waldrops attended the Tin Can Tourists 100th Anniversary event in Florida, as did NSSO member Dawn Bastian with her Scotties Maggie and Wilbur (inset picture)

Karen and Bill Pruss camped in Florida, along with their squirrel Skidaway

The Van Trigts also camped in Florida

Mike and Jamie Leichty said goodbye to their Shasta Compact

Zach and Jenn got a cool new drone

Elaine Hurst's 1970 Scotty with previous owner wheel cut-outs

Debbie Watson's new curtains

Scooter Duke's new interior

The Shatos took their HiLander down to the frame, now comes the fun part!

Bryan Maynard is ready for re-siding

Darrell Bloodworth's new floor

Dan and April Speed's new floor

And, the Watson's new floor

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