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Issue #097 [Archived Newsletters] April 1, 2013


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Serro Scotty Travel Trailers book!

Paul's book has been edited and is coming out this month.
Order it on Amazon...


Upcoming campouts

So far we have at least six signed up for our next event, April 11 on the Mississippi River, at least ten for Boone, NC over Memorial weekend (will Beau have his Scotty finished in time--Mabel says YES!), two for the Lake Superior camp-out in July, six for the Adirondacks event in September and five for Letchworth in October. If you are coming to the latter two, best get your reservations in soon, both campgrounds should be fully booked.


Our new youngest member

Eric and Nicole welcomed Wyatt Alexander
on March 9. What a cutie.
He will make an appearance at the TCT event in May.

Welcome Fourteen New Members from Thirteen States


  • Sara McAllister, North Little Rock


  • Robert Howard, Fort Lupton


  • Scott Seely, Jefferson


  • Brandon Groh, Lafayette


  • Victoria Broadus, Lexington


  • Adam Wiedmann, Freeport


  • Jayne Gourdeau, Ashlan


  • Leah Fernelius, Spicer
  • Nancy Nelson, Lake Park

New Mexico

  • David Brown, Santa Fe

North Carolina

  • Carrie Foreman, Rosman


  • Sara Collins, Blanchester


  • Jody & David Babb, Owasso


  • Mike & Jamie Leichty, Venetia


Looking to buy or sell a trailer?


Scotty Restorations

The NSSO is very picky when it comes to recommending trailer restorers. We are proud to announce we have added a fourth member to this exclusive group, Classic Trailer Specialists in East Jordan, Michigan. Tom Bernot has requested that I remove his listing as he is simply too busy at this time to take on any more projects. Perhaps after he retires from his real job. More info...

Other Retro/Trailer Sites, Blogs &Online Magazines

Facebook fans

838 members on our Facebook "Page" and our Facebook "Group" has 383 members. Join us now to get in on all the Scotty talk and fun!

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Website stats

Spring has arrived in much of the country and things are picking up on our website and really picking up in our Facebook presence as well as our new memberships to the organization.

In March we had over 6,000 unique visitors, who made over 9,000 visits and viewed over 25,000 pages for total hits of over 400,000.

Our top ten countries are USA, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, China, Russian Federation, Romania, Hong Kong, France and Great Britain. I have to say, some of those are puzzling to me.

Scotty Images

Anne and Randy's great reveal

Angela is out and about in Texas

The Arpins camped at Shenandoah Valley. Bunnies were everywhere! See more pics...

The Browns are camping along the Natchez Trace

Mabel camped in Ted

Beau and Pam will be ready for Boone! (Mabel said so)

Butch and Pam's award winning
1974 Scotty rebuild is online

Mike is making some progress

As is Scott

Scott's kids are ready to camp!

Sara is working on the Gulf Oil Scotty

Smiley is checking out our website

Maggie is spiffied up for May camping at Salisbury Beach

Maggie's (and Don and Jane's) Harvey and Angus are uncovered, getting ready to go

Wowza, look at Lowell's cool bumper

Clint's 72 Chevy C10 and
71 HiLander

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