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Butch and Pam Starner's 1974 13' Gaucho Rebuild

As purchased

As purchased

Starting the tear down

What a rotted mess

Previous owner "sealed" it with spray foam in a can

It was pretty far gone

Really bad


GONE! Frame has been sandblasted to bare metal. Ready for primer and paint.

Painted with industrial primer and paint from Tractor Supply Company (TSC).

New floor constructed with 3/4" exterior plywood.
Bottom and edges painted with 2-part epoxy.

Another view

Constructing sides using 3/4" exterior plywood with 1/8" prefinished maple plywood glued together. Note: Butch made new skin for his trailer rebuild, so the added width wasn't
a problem. If you are using the original skin - be careful you do not exceed original width.
You can still laminate nice stuff to standard plywood but be sure the part that attaches
to the floor is no more than 1/2" wide per side. (see how Mabel did it).

One side installed. Pam is hard at work on the second side.

Both sides installed. Floor has been sealed with exterior enamel paint.

Used glue and 3/4" staples to close in ends and ceiling.
The sides and ceiling were all cut, glued, sanded and installed in one day!

All together. Started framing the front.

Front framed.

Rear framed.

Clamps are for securing the wood until the glue dries.

Cabinets going in.

More cabinet work done and front dinette light installed.

Door rebuild happening.

Progress! Microwave, range hood, refrigerator, backsplash and sink installed.

Countertops and more lights and table/dinette in place.

Made the gaucho back flip up to better support the cushions.

A/C installed (see more below)

Insulating with 3/4" foil-faced foam and sealing it with aluminum foil tape.

Sealing with building wrap

Electrical installed in channels in the 3/4" side plywood.

Sides sealed with building wrap before applying all new skins.
An aluminum break was used to create the new siding.

Getting there...


New torsion axle with brakes


Unit is installed under the gaucho. Don says he wishes he'd installed a
unit with a remote control which would be easier to use when gaucho is a bed.

Don replaced the standard access door panel with a vent which he painted white

Looking at it from the vent/door

A mirror view from underneath


At the Tin Can Tourists Rally, Camp Dearborn, Michigan, May 2012

Well deserved Best in Show, Teardrops and Tiny Trailers

Butch and Pam also won Best in Show at the National Scotty Rally in Pennsylvania, July 2012









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