Scotty Newsletter
Issue #058 [Archived Newsletters] January 9, 2010


Condolences and Prayers

To Dawn Bastian of MI who lost her mom in December
To Chris Clutter of PA who lost her dad in December
To Jeff Fisk of OH who lost his mom in December
To the family of Cuz'n Dean of AR who died in December

National Rally

We have 24 registrations in for our 2010 Rally/Reunion, with 26 Scottys, 46 adults, 6 kids, people, 13 dogs and 2 cats. Only about 30 spaces left so get your registration in before we have to close registrations! The Rally dates are July 6-11. Because our rally has grown so and campground space is limited, it will be for NSSO members and their families only. Go here to register...

Announcing A New Annual Event

For those of us who live in the cold part of the country, winter can be very dreary and seem like it will never end. From now on, we shall hold a Winter Camp-IN, around Valentine's Day in February. Anyone who can, spend the night, or eat a meal, in your Scotty. Send pictures to Nancy, who will put together a slide-show of them. More information...

Upcoming Campouts and Events

Scottys Gathered in Florida - 2009/2010

Clockwise, from left: Dominic & Maddy, Gary, Nancy, Steve, Janna, Ray, Hartman, Alex and Marlene & Mabel
View the slideshow of the Florida trip...

Memberships were turned off while Nancy finished the Rear Door but we do have a few to welcome from December:

New York

  • Frank McCulloch, West Seneca


  • George Krisher, Coraopolis
  • William Whirl, Hermitage

Units for Sale

Scotty Parts

Scotty Restorations

Tom Bernot is doing trailer repairs and rebuilds. Tom's work is really superb ( check it out ). Tom is the only restorer to receive the endorsement of the NSSO. Beware of others! Tom's located 30 miles N. of Pittsburgh and can be contacted via e-mail to or phone at 724-763-8025.

Other Trailer Sites & Online Magazines

Are you ready for the Ovenette Cook-Off?

Marlee got a new cookbook from his friends Mabel
and Maddy and he will be *ready* in 2010!

RIP Reba Kostyshak
We met Reba at the 2009 Rally. She's a sweet girl
who will be missed.

Looking for something camping related to do this winter?

Scotty Images

Nancy & the girls hit Savannah
on the way to Florida
Watch the video...

Eric & Nicole from the top
of the St. Augustine, FL lighthouse.
Sadly their trip to Florida did not
coincide with the NSSO gathering.

The Goldbergs were also in Florida
but timing wasn't right for the
NSSO event

Nancy & the girls stopped by
Ron & Norma Crump's for a wonderful lunch in Lizella, GA
on their way back to Michigan

Then Nancy & the girls shared
a traditional New Year's Day
dinner with Kevin & Joyce and Chouchou in Cartersville, GA

Nancy & the girls met up with
Stephanie & Tim in Knoxville, TN

Nancy & the girls also met up
with Gail, Jeff, Jackie & Bob in
Lima, OH on the way back to MI

Ace has his Scottyport enclosed

Ben & Lynn have added a Scottyport

The Arpin's Scotty is all covered
up for Winter in Virginia

Marge & Bill Caughey have been
working on a 1966 Tonga.
See more pics...


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