Scotty Newsletter
Issue #056 [Archived Newsletters] November 1, 2009


National Rally

We have twelve paid registrations in for our 2010 Rally/Reunion, with 13 Scottys, 24 people, 6 dogs and 1 cat. Only about 40 spaces left so get your registration in early in case we have to close registrations! The Rally dates are July 6-11. Because our rally has grown so and campground space is limited, it will be for NSSO members and their families only. Go here to register...

Upcoming Campouts and Events

Happy Halloween

Lick or Treat!
Emma & Amy Bastian

Barbara Wort's Twin Grandchildren
Gavin and Morgan

Chouchou Laird

Welcome New Members:


  • Beverly Huffman, Coolidge


  • Laura Jewett, Santa Ynez


  • Robert & Laura Degoursey, North Stonington


  • Timothy Caswell, Westport
  • William Curren, Rehoboth


  • Daniel Russell, Fort Fairfield


  • Lisa Van Hoe, Mattawan

New York

  • Ronald Palmer, Buffalo

North Carolina

  • Tom Jobin, Burnsville
  • Karla McFadden, E. Flat Rock


  • Ronald Rath, Jr., Pottstown


  • Jewel Rodgers, Glover

Units for Sale

Scotty Parts

Scotty Restorations

Tom Bernot is doing trailer repairs and rebuilds. Tom's work is really superb ( check it out ). Tom is the only restorer to receive the endorsement of the NSSO. Beware of others! Tom's located 30 miles N. of Pittsburgh and can be contacted via e-mail to or phone at 724-763-8025.

Other Trailer Sites & Online Magazines

Web Site Stats

In October, we had over 8,000 unique visitors who viewed over 36,000 pages with over half a million hits. I guess now that most folks have stopped physically camping for the year, they're turning to online "camping".

Scotty Images

Ken's Vintage Campout II in MA
was well attended. See more pics...

Jeff Fisk turns over the title of the
HiLander to Jill & Grover Upton

The Meachams finished their Scotty

This '68 15' Gaucho is for sale
See more pics...

Mabel's private campground
gets a new sign

Kathy and Al have visitors
See a pic of the Scotty...

Laura & Lynn have finished their
79 project. See more pics...

Marlee is using his new Ovenette, which he shared with Mabel
See more pics...

Mabel is cooking with her's too.
Thanks for sharing Marlee!
See another pic...


And Len's making progress on his '62

And, Mabel's making progress
on the Rear Door Scotty
See more pics...

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