Scotty Newsletter
Issue #054 [Archived Newsletters] September 1, 2009


National Rally

Our dates for 2010 have been confirmed and we already have four registered! The NSSO National Scotty Rally/Reunion will be held Tuesday, July 6 to Sunday, July 11. You may stay over until Monday, July 12, but must leave on that day as the campground will be closing. Because our rally has grown so and campground space is limited, it will be limited to NSSO members and their families only. Go here to register...

Upcoming Campouts and Events

Scotty Gatherings

Amy, Emma & Mabel, in Mabel's Scotty, at the Gilmore Red Barn Spectacular, Aug. 2. Watch the slideshow...

Welcome New Members:


  • Jim Healy, Tallahassee
  • Rebecca Ourso, Brandon


  • Sarah Nelson, Bangor


  • Karen Rose, Flint

New Brunswick, Canada

  • Don & Barb Frits, Lower Millstream

New York

  • Melissa Ames, Camillus


  • Clifford Carilli, Elizabeth


  • Dan & Barb Bailey, Concord

West Virginia

  • JM Legge, Hurricane

Units for Sale

Scotty Parts

This post '73 Scotty was parted out. If you're
interested in any of the parts, e-mail Andy Ball

These items are for sale. E-mail Chet if interested

Scotty Restorations

Tom Bernot is doing trailer repairs and rebuilds. Tom's work is really superb ( check it out ). Tom is the only restorer to receive the endorsement of the NSSO. Beware of others! Tom's located 30 miles N. of Pittsburgh and can be contacted via e-mail to or phone at 724-763-8025.

Other Trailer Sites & Online Magazines

Vintage Trailer CDs:
E-mail Juergen
Vintage Trailer Art: Paige Bridges
Vintage Trailer Art: Richard Neuman

Web Site

In August we had so many visitors, over 5,000 who viewed over 29,000 pages with nearly half a million hits (again!). Top 10 countries (after the US) were Canada, Kuwait, China, Russia, Great Britain, Mexico, Australia, Japan, France & Thailand. Top 10 states were MI, PA, NY, CA, FL, VA, TX, OH, GA & IL. Our site was honored to be ranked at 87%, meaning of the thousands of sites ranked, our's was better than 87% of them.

Scotty Images

Nancy & Mabel's "Sadie Belle" SOLD
See the pics and video...

Bob & Marie's '58 stainless steel Scotty has also been sold. They'll be at Rock 10 with a HiLander

Marlee's "Miss Silvia" is all done!
See the pics...

Ben & Lynn are camping in their Scotty and have another Scotty project going.  See more pics...

Lynn made this swell logo for their family Scotty Summer Soiree.
Very nice Lynn!

Barbara & Lee are camping in
northern MI with "Lucy"

New members from Canada!
Don & Barb's '70 HiLander and '55 Chevy 1300 series 1/2 ton - Canadian built. Very nice!

Skipper is supervising the rebuild of RL & Judy's Scotty - with a bit of help
See the pics...

Another 1961 Sportsman15 found!

Tom & Janice sold "Stray Cats" to Bill Kerola and are now working on their new Scotty "Cha Ching", a 1961 Sportsman15. See more pics...

Dawn's new dinette covers - WOW!

Tracy & Stephanie painted their Scotty like a bee - it had a hive in it when they bought it and a swarm followed them for the first 1/2 mile as they brought it home!

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