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Ben & Lynn Stiles 1961 & 1962 13' Scotty Projects

Ben, Hudson & Lynn (with Mabel) pick up their new Scotty
in Delton, MI 11/22/08

Nancy helps Ben get the Scotty connected
to the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Heading to Pennsylvania!

Parked with the Big Rigs.

Lynn's home made pen and paper "In Tow" sign.

Lynn tends to Hudson (inside the jeep) at an Ohio Rest Area

At the Comfort Inn hotel in Pittsburgh on Sunday morning (11/23/08)

The Comfort Inn

Lynn and the Scotty Rig in the parking lot at Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water

Again with the Big Rigs on the PA Turnpike.
All of the trucks had to back into their included!

Twenty-two miles from home, we sprayed the rig off at a car wash to get
600 miles of road salt and grime off. Near freezing temperatures,
but we knew it would "blow" dry on the remaining leg. Much better!

At home in PA with her new "roof" on
(see winterizing for how the roof was made)

Alumuminum 12V lights found in a conversion van in the junk yard.

Her new decor will be a "Beach Theme" Scotty.
We plan to camp lots in it near Avalon/Stone Harbor/Ocean City, NJ.
The fabric is Longaberger Sunny Day (2005) and will be used for
pillow cases, curtain trim, etc.

The old LP support plate in its current rusty condition. It is an eye sore!

After about five minutes with a hammer, pry bar, and of course 4" grinder,
the plate is gone!  The surface rust does not look too bad

Beginning to look shiny after clean up with a wire wheel

The trailer tongue with LP plate removed, area ground and
sanded clean, and a rubbing of old motor oil to protect the bare metal
until I can get it painted. I think this looks much better!

Excess copper plumbing and rubber drain hose removed.

Left side of water tank exposed. The inlet can be seen at top left.
This tank will be removed and a nice little medicine cabinet
put right in its place!

Right side of water tank. We are not going to "re-plumb" this Scotty.
We have always carried a water jug along when van camping and will do
the same when Scotty camping.  Who wants to wash dishes inside anyway?

New curtains in progress

One panel from the new wooden bifold screen door

Test fitting the new screen door
I included a loose hinge pin on the inside of the door so it can be swung
as a single piece door when in camp, but remove the pin and it folds accordion style so as to make it less invasive on the interior when all is closed up
See detail pics...

Electrical inlet original parts on the right; new three-prong grounded inlet
guts on the left. The original inlet guts were cut off after removing the two prongs.
Main Bargman fiberglass cover was cleaned, metal cover was bead-blasted, primed
and painted to maintain the original "look". A modern, weather tight cover here
would never do!

Electrical inlet sitting on top of new three prong guts.

Back of modified electrical inlet.

Polished water inlet (used CLR cleaner diluted with water with a toothbrush to remove all the rust) along with original water inlet pipe, original RUSTY clasp, and new stainless steel clasp made from stainless steel welding rod. All of the rust on the inlet's chrome finish came from the original clasp. Hopefully with the new stainelss one, this rust stain will be a thing of the past. Also shown is rubber gasket to seal the back of the inlet. No water will go in here anymore, but I am happy to maintain the original look.

Polished water inlet with new stainless lock clasp installed. The stainless steel welding rod used for the new clasp (shown in background) was originally from Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant!!

Center of the kitchen cabinet. The two large holes are for the old stove controls. This will soon disappear to make way for a new drawer for utensils.

New opening cut for utensil drawer.

Newly made utensil drawer and pair of drawer glides. Drawer made from real 1/4" plywood, probably the same vintage as the trailer! Also deeper than the original drawers as there is more room up at this top position due to trailer's natural curved shape.

Drawer glide cut to match original "Scotty-bottom-of the-barrel-scrap-wood" drawer glide. No wonder these trailer were so cheap! Serro apparently threw nothing out. Drawer glide was cut from 3/4" pine using a dado blade on a table saw.

New top drawer in place. It was hard to get just right because nothing up here is square from factory!

Door section of the kitchen counter support. Shelf removed. It was rotted as following pics will tell. Two new drawers on drawer glides in here will make things at the back of the cabinet much easier to get to

The old shelf.

The old shelf side about delamination!

Lynn caught a picture of me...shecking and checking again to make sure the drawer fits and works properly.

The rear of our '61. It looks like many, many people did many, many awful things to the rear skin which is not original to this trailer. The original was actually much worse! The bottom four inches here are pock marked, ripped, torn, and so many extra holes one cannot count them all. I already cut a 1/8" thick piece of aluminum plate 6" tall and the same width as the skin between the corner trim pieces. It will be screwed on to cover this mess completely!!

Three views of the spare tire holder...made from scrap steel and started with a Harbor Freight spare tire holder. The spacing may be tweaked...this is the well-developed prototype phase.

Camping in Florida

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