Issue #146 [Archived Newsletters] July 3, 2017


We return to beautiful Acadia National Park in September. This is sunrise from the top of Cadillac Mountain, where it is said is the first place to see the sun rise in the United States. We hope others will join us for a trip up at 4-4:30 a.m. to catch those first rays. Think bucket list.. Reserve NOW!

Reserve July 4 to get one of the 17 available sites for this event, which is the last stop on our Road Trip to Iowa in October. Reserve July 4!

We make our third trip to Savannah in November. A carriage ride (pet friendly) is the best way to see this, the oldest city in Georgia (1733). It was a designed city and has beautiful and historic streets and squares. Reserve NOW!

Fall Creek Falls is our Memorial Day weekend trip for 2018. Reserve NOW!

We will camp on our fourth of the great lakes, Lake Michigan (we have already done Lake Erie, Lake Superior and Lake Huron), in September 2018. We cannot reserve our sites yet, but we will let you know. This is a full week event with many day trips. This image is Leland's Fishtown, a definite must see in the area. For the rock pickers among us, we will be hitting the beach there to look for Leland Blue. See more...

You can reserve NOW for the first and second stops on the November 2018 road trip south. This is stop two, Natchez Trace. We will take a day trip from the campground in Mississippi across the mighty river to Louisiana and also spend some time hiking on the Nachez Trace trail.

Cumberland Falls in Kentucky will be the final stop on the road trip south next year. Cannot reserve a site there yet, but we will keep you posted. These falls are known for moon bows and perhaps we will be lucky enough to see one! Read more...

Camping Opportunities

Welcome new members!

British Columbia, Canada

  • Yves Beaudet, Summerland


  • Starlyn Vincent, Prescott


  • Darlene Saucier, Windham


  • Jade Presnell, Danville


  • Kevin Karst, El Dorado


  • Patrick Carney, West Enfield


  • Renee Clark, Grayling
  • Kimberly Henkel, Lambertville
  • Brenda Lambert, Mancelona

New Hampshire

  • John Bonell, Rindge

North Carolina

  • Sharon Thompson, Mount Gilead


  • Linda Barton, Waynesboro
  • Zach Kengle, Hanover

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Other Cool/Retro/Trailer Sites

Brett Dixon is nearly ready to go camping!

Dan Zen has made it to Nevada

Dave Stuthard camping at Acadia National Park. We will be there in September!

Jeffrey Brooks out and about. He made his screen room under his awning using Harbor Freight's garage screen door kits.

John Martell is making a wonderful cross country trip with his daughters.

Katie Louise has a newer Scotty

Kim Henkel's new project

The Lamberts got out locally in Michigan with their 18' HiLander "Trunkback"

Leslie Gillert has her HiLander in the barn to start a two week massive rebuild project.

Natalie and Ben used their Scotty in their engagement photo shoot

The Rathmell's are out camping again

Under the skin on the Sekula's rebuild project

Sharon Thompson's little cutie Rose Bud

New member Zach Engle's Scotty

No camping for us 4th of July weekend. We are busy working on our Not-a-Scotty Rear Door, Gerta, a 1968 homebuilt

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