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Tires and Wheels

NEWSFLASH - white wall tires in ST (special trailer) now available at Diamondback - see below!

How to translate the codes on your tires. Be sure to use ST, not P tires on your trailers!

Original tires were 640x15 which are very hard to find these days. Modern equivalent is ST205/75/15, with radials now being recommended both for a higher speed rating and more durability than non-radials.

Ready to buy?

Any local tire shop should be able to sell you the right tires. Just be sure to get ST (special trailer) tires. ST205/75/15 (current thinking is that it is best to go with "R" radial ST tires as they are lasting longer and have a faster speed rating, however, radials have a fatter sidewall bulge and may make it more difficult to get on and off a Scotty).

  • Coker Tire: B.F. Goodrich and Firestone 640/15 tires
  • White wall tires ST are now available at Diamond Back. The link takes you to their 2013/2014 catalog. Scroll down to page 15 and voila! There they are. Order the load size for your trailer's weight.
  • Many thanks to Kevin Y. for passing along that Tractor Supply Centers (TSC) carry the right wheels with an ST205/75/15 tire already mounted. Use the Store Locator link to find a TSC near you.

If you have anything to add, please e-mail me.


  • 15" 5 bolt on 4 1/2" 5" wheel Original hub caps do NOT fit

  • The original wheels are 5" deep--most wheels today are 5 1/2 and 6". Be aware, deeper than 5" may not fit. (Courtesy of Eric - cutting it close on the clearance, they were a bit challenging to get on and off, but the 6" wide rim did fit.) 

  • Note from Len: At an auto junk yard: I always ask for a rim from a 1984 Ford Ranger. Its a 15", 4 1/2X5 rim that will fit and take a Scotty hub cap. And its easier for them to look up and find.

  • How to measure the bolt pattern on your wheels

  • Heard from Doug with a 1989 double-axle Scotty - his wheels were 15 x 5 5 bolt, (Ford) just like the earlier Scottys.

Eric's 6" wheels on a HiLander

  • William G. reports that 1979+ Scotty LITE models have 13" wheels with a 4x4 pattern.


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