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Stainless Steel Screws and Washers

Over the years the screws originally used to hold the windows in get rusty and really detract from the appearance of your Scotty. Many replace them with stainless steel screws. Also, if you are removing your edge strips, you may also want to consider replacing the 1" spiral aluminum nails with stainless steel screws. Nancy highly recommends McFeelys. Others swear by Fastenal and McMaster-Carr.

The #6 pan head screw is about the same dimension as the original aluminum nails and the head sticks out only a very slight bit more than the nail head. The 5/8" is perfect for screwing down roof seams. The 1" is perfect for edge strips and around the lower side skins.

The #8 screw, in 5/8" length is just right for around the windows and door (use 1" for around windows of a pre-1969 Scotty).

Because McFeely's specializes in square head screws, they sell all the bits and drivers (and extractors) for them as well. If you get your order placed by a certain time (its on the web site), they ship the same day. I had my order in 2 days!

stainless steel screws



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