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Roof Maintenance

Wisdom collected from the group. If you have anything to add, please e-mail me.

  • From Don on sealing seams/edges: I used a tape material (Eternabond) used to fix the roofs of truck trailers.  It comes in 12" wide by 30' long rolls and was about $40.  I found it at a True Value Hardware store but not all have it I'm sure.  I cut the 12" to 6".  That was enough to run on the edge seems as well as the two cross seems.  This material is thin but has a very good adhesive on one side and the top is silver.  I applied it using a heat gun and a plastic body scraper.  It will never come off.  I painted the roof area with white roof coating from Walmart.  Fixed all leaks!  Not original but a quick/cheap fix.
  • Another Eternabond source
  • And another Eternabond source

  • From Marshall: On my Airstream I used Ceramiflex made by Sealoflex. Sealoflex has several roof coating systems. I used Ceramiflex because of it's reflective heat reducing qualities, and it works.

  • From Nancy on sealing the seams: Camping World says do not use silicone caulking on your Scotty as after a couple of weeks you'll be able to just peel it up. They recommend ProFlex RV Flexible Sealant. It's in a tube, like Silicone caulk but supposed to be better for all your sealing jobs. I have since used this stuff and it is excellent. I highly recommend it!

  • From Nancy on using ProFlex in a can: this product comes highly recommended by Vik and others in Rob's vintage trailer site.

  • From Nancy on using Kool Seal (elastomeric paint): I sealed my roof seams and because they were not looking so good, even after sealing (they were not leaking), I over coated them with 2 coats ofKool Seal, about 3" to each side of the seam and over the seam. Did not want to do the entire roof because of Gary's experience (below)! Kool Seal may be found at Home Depot for about $30 a gallon, or at Camping World.]

  • From Gary: This warning is to anyone who has put the white Kool Seal on their roof.  DO NOT let any wet or damp leaves lay on top of your camper!  The Kool Seal soaks up stain like grape juice on a white shirt.  After a couple of wet days under a maple tree, the top of mine looked like white & brown camo.  Detergent, car wash, and even Comet cleanser would not bring out the stain.  I finally got most of it off using pure, undiluted Clorox and a Scotch Bright pad + 3 hours work.

Coolseal Warning


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