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This page is for refrigerator resources. If you have anything to add, please e-mail me.

  • Buying and installing a new electric refrigerator

  • Making a new refrigerator look vintage

  • Brushed stainless steel film source (thanks Cecilia Arpin)

  • Brushed stainless steel film installation (thanks Cecilia Arpin)

  • From Kevin: First, make sure that the means of heat were working. Check the gas to see if there is a pilot burning; that is all it takes to heat the boiler. To check the 12v or 120 v you will have to check with a meter if elec is going to the heating coils, then an amp probe to see if it is using the elec that is delivered to the heaters. The thermostat is only used in the 120 volt mode as for the 12 v, and gas they heat all the time.

  • Courtesy of Tom: here is the info on a NORCOLD refrigerator. After an exhausting search, I found and dealt with the following dealer, with very satisfactory relations. Family RV Repair Center II P.O. Box 35 Elfers, Florida 34680, also additional address of: 4158 Marine Pkwy., New Port Richey, Florida 34652. The person I dealt with is Mark Scott. CELL Phone # 727-389-0134. He accepts credit cards and shipped my refrigerator from Elkhart, Indiana warehouse, via truck, common carrier. If you order a smaller unit than mine, you can discuss UPS or FedEx with him. Norcold  is available at 800-543- 1219 and/or 800-767-9101., Norcold and Theford (the Porta Potty Co.) are divisions of each other.; If you call they will send sales brochures and info. These units are actually manufactured at: 600 S. Kuther Rd.  Sidney, Ohio  45365, and I tried unsuccefully, to buy from them, directly. The difference in price between the 3 way and 2 way refrigerator, is very little. 

  • Courtesty of KevinH: Here is a site with lots of information:

  • Recent (6/07) discussion of running your refrigerator while on the move: Mark said: I use the 12volt wire from the car to both charge the battery and to
    run the fridge while I'm towing the trailer.  Even though the wire is
    something like 10 gauge, its still not enough juice and I arrive at the
    campground with a 90% charged battery.   I think I'll disconnect the battery
    the next time I go camping.  And then the wire from the car will only run
    the fridge.

    I've heard there are people who run the LP as they are tooling down the road
    (and filling up at gas stations!), I think this is just asking for a toasty
    Scotty situation.  So I don't recommend that at all.

    Then Bob said: We've had this discussion previously regarding running your 3 way fridge while traveling. There seems to be agreement regarding the safety of a propane flame burning while traveling, but my question is regarding the level issue. Since keeping the ammonia system level to avoid boil over is important, is that not a concern for you even when using the 12 volt system? Perhaps I'm being overly cautious by never running my fridge while traveling, so I'd love to hear an informed opinion on the level issue.

    Mark's response: My fridge manual only said that for optimum cooling the fridge needed to be level. But I don't remember any warnings about ruining the system if it were not level.  And my trailer is fairly level as it is, not perfect, but I've tried to find the right receiver.  About an inch one way or the other would make it perfect.  But if they did not make the 12V power source for when you were on the road, what else could you use it for?  It will drain a normal battery flat in less than a day, so I can't think its meant for anything other than for on the road running, it draws like 25 amps or something like that. 

    And Bob came back with: Your comments and experience in using it on 12v while towing made me do the last the manual haha...
    And darn if your experience and observations about 12v useage were absolutely born out in the manual. I hadn't read that part. However, it does support that running an ammonia based fridge unlevel can and will cause it to stop working, but this problem is only a problem when stationary!! The reason it won't stop working if in tow, is apparently the rolling back and forth will be on either side of level, rather than always unlevel towards one end as when parked.


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