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Painting the Exterior

If you have any bare aluminum, be sure to prime it with acid etching primer (for aluminum). You can purchase self-etching primer at NAPA auto stores.

From Lowes: considered to be the best match to the original aqua Serro used

  • Valspar Anti-Rust Professional Oil Base Enamel (Lowes)
  • Pastel Base 1 quart 101-5.5 102-6.5 103-31
  • Note from Paul Hecht as some Lowes are telling folks they cannot mix up oil-based enamel anymore: Valspar Signature, use the same code as shown just above. For exterior ask for Valspar Ultra, paint and primer in one with ultimate weather defense; comes in brown can.

From Dan: During my rebuild I found a piece of aluminum with the aqua blue in pristine condition in a cranny. I took it into Ace Hardware for color matching and had a quart made up. After the paint dried it matched the original, at least on mine, perfectly.

  • Exterior/Alkyd/Gloss Rust Stop Oil 225
  • Incandescent
  • Mid 320
  • Quart
  • B 5.5
  • D 34
  • E 15

Thank you to "gods1216" who took her Scotty awning in to True Value Hardware and had it color matched. It is XO-Rust paint (which is exclusive to True Value Hardware); use Xylene for thinning, 1 part thinner, 3 parts paint. This formula was verified by Nancy. The formula for one gallon of Scotty Aqua, which matches the color used in the original awnings (a bit darker than original siding aqua) is:

  • XO-Rust Gloss Paint only
  • Colorant Oz. 48ths 96ths
  • D Phthalo Green 1Y 3 0
  • E Phthalo Blue 43 0
  • KX White 2Y 2 1
  • Base is XO-N Neutral

From Pat Bremer, owner of one of the "new" Scottys:  A fellow new generation Scotty owner gave me the paint code they were using on the new Scotties, which he requested from the Scotty builder at the time. I've noticed the color tends to change hue depending on the lighting conditions. Sometimes it looks a little more greenish, other times it looks a little more true aqua. That's ours in my profile pic. But for anyone wanting that color, here's the formula. It's a one stage paint: 

Below is the paint formula you requested for the Sierra-100 Turquoise.
This is a quart formula made in Sherwin Williams Automotive paint line
called Dimension.

Toner Amount (grams non-cumulative)
DM522 414.0
DM505 117.0
DM508 115.0
DM500 28.0
DM528 9.0
DM531 5.5
DM612 359.5

The "gold" color on 1973 and later aqua and white Scottys

From Tammy Goodrich: we found a really close match to the gold. It's by Valspar color is called Hubbell House Golden Maize Satin Finish and it is in spray cans at Lowes, or other places that carry Valspar spray cans

Spray can paints

Ron reports that Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze is a close (slightly lighter) match to the original Scotty aqua. Tammy reports that Valspar Exotic Sea is also a close (slightly darker) match.

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