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This was an option. Many times you'll find a Scotty with the brackets, but without the hammock or the poles. Note these figures are for the 1960s era Scotty. They became wider later on. Use a length that is 1/2" less than your Scotty's inside width.

  • Hammock poles are 74 1/2" long (galvanized pipe works)
  • Outside diameter of hammock poles is 1 1/8"
  • Hammock is heavy canvas, 73" long by 27" wide
  • Pole pockets are 3 1/2" wide - double-stitched
  • Brackets are mounted 25" up from bed
  • Spacing between brackets is 21" from inner edge of back to inner edge of front bracket

Aaron Gleason's hammock

I used closet rods that are rated for 500 pounds with open and closed flanges and 14 oz. duck cloth. We cut the fabric at 33", folded 3" in on each side and double-stitched the rod pockets.

Showing the width

Stitching the pole pockets

Ready to use

Put away when not in use

Lilli modeling it - just right.

Aliza says a few more years before she gets it!

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