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Water and Gray Water Solutions

Courtesy of Tom Bernot: The sink drain on our 62 silverside had a 5/8" piece of hose that ran thru the floor . I tried to fit a tank to go under the the trailer to catch the sink water, but since the silverside has low ground clearance it made it difficult. I found this water fill fitting at an RV store that is of a satin stainless steel finish that looks pretty good on the side of our silverside. I punched out the check valve and drilled out the fitting to 1/2".

The brass 90 degree fitting also from the RV store and keeps a short piece of hose from kinking.

For looks , I tried to keep the fitting in the center of the folds of the outside alunimum. Of course if you are keeping everything original, you might not want to do this. Just passing along some thoughts.

And, added by Nancy K., I was going to do this with my '69's rebuild, but then opted to not put water back into the trailer. I had purchased a space saving 6 gallon water jug at Walmart to use for my project.  It's turquoise!

From Eric: I tried dreaming up lots of options on my 72 Highlander, I ended up just plumbing it with dual 2" PVC pipes, so it can hold about 2-3  gallons on the road, and I picked up a Thetford SmartTote tank to hook up while at the campgrounds. The clearance under the trailer just seemed too tight for a tank, and I wasn't about to chance puncturing a shallow one. (note from Len: 2" ID pvc will hold .1632 gal per foot. So a 5 gallon capacity would require 30' of pipe)

View of the rear valve 1"1/2 connection comes over from
the sink  "gray water" the double run allows for some temporary
storage while on the road.

From Don: I bought a large round oil change thingy that fits under the Scotty nicely.  However we have never used the sink (yet). I bought it at Advanced Auto, on sale.  Around $10 or less. It seals and you can pick it up and carry it away.  It is probably 30" in dia. and 4" deep, so it holds quite a lot.  It also has a pour cap.

From Louise: I was looking for a solution for my 1987 Scotty gray water drain. This is what I found:
A piece of 3/4" garden hose attaches to the bottom of the sink and to this part.

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