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Replacement Vintage-Style Decals and Badges

Vintage-Style Reproduction Serro Scotty Decals

Since 2006 we have been ordering our vintage-style reproduction Serro Scotty decals from Scott O'bine. He does a great job.Please place all orders through his store and don't ask to place an order over the phone. Scott doesn't have the capability to take payments over the phone. Thanks!


Michael Leichty is now making a reproduction Scotty badge - this is the badge that goes on the rear of the trailer and to the right of the door. They are cast in plastic from an original Serro Scotty badge. They come painted black and ready for you to add the red if you desire. PM Michael Leichty on Facebook if you are interested.

this is what original Serro pot-metal logos look like (thanks Bill C.)

Installing Decals

Do your decals have a transfer tape over the face or just peel off a backing paper only? Are they face up or face down? We own a sign shop and the application of these two types of decals are a bit different from one another

Is the decal made of vinyl or paper? If paper, use the dry application method only. *See below.

Basically, you want to first clean the area on the surface you are to apply them to, removing any wax, dirt and dust. We then use denatured alcohol as a last step to remove any other residue before applying any decal.

Some people can apply the decal with a dry method if they can get the decal on straight and unwrinkled the first time. With this dry method, place the decal where you want it to go, then 'hinge' it so to speak onto the camper with a piece of masking tape down the center (vertically) . Then peel off one side's half of the backing paper up to the masking tape, and cut the backing paper off from bottom to top. Then place a piece of paper and lay it on top to protect the decal from scratches, then use a  small plastic squeege (or credit card will do), and drag from the center outwards to remove any wrinkles. Then pull off the other side's backing paper, and do the same.

*Use on vinyl decals only. If you are uncertain of your ability to apply it straight the first time, I suggest you  add a few drops of a liquid dish detergent to a spray bottle of water and mist the area on the camper first to make it a bit slippery. Then remove any backing paper, and apply the decal. With this method, you have some time to pull it back up and reposition. Once you have it like you want it, squeege out any wrinkles and extra moisture, then allow the area to dry, (and then if any transfer paper comes on the decal (down facing types) needs removing, then remove it slowly, pulling it from one corner, downward at an angle). 


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