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Scotty Covers

The Deluxe version of this Ebay store cover is water proof. The standard is water resistent. We've heard no complaints from those who have purchased from this seller. If you use the water resistent one, consider adding a large tarp tied down tightly over it.

Many thanks to Adam Krompecher who purchased one of the "Deluxe Serro Scotty Sportsman 15" covers for his JS715 for $139.99 plus $20 shipping and providing images.

Adam added this info: overall pretty happy. Structurally would be perfect if about 2' shorter, though it would make it harder to put on. Side unzips, rolls up and velcros in place for easy access to the door. It appears that front and back are the same size/shape, curved canned ham style, which is very nice. The top is a more substantial material than the sides. Underneath there are three straps with plastic buckles that go from one side to the other and look like they are strong enough. Top of sides flap in the wind for ventilation and there are three mesh windows underneath each side. I made a cushion and taped it to my door holder so it won't tear a hold. I was able to put it on by myself with a step stool and length of rope.



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