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Bumpers and Bumper Caps

Bumpers on a Scotty were an option that not many folks appear to have purchased. Here are bumpers that folks have added or that were on their Scottys when they purchased them. If you have anything to add, please e-mail me.

Anne and Randy had this bumper custom made
(pics before painting)

Andy made this custom bumper for his Scotty.
The bracket was made to match the wheel well swoosh.

Adam's bracket template

Terry & Christi added a receiver hitch to their bumper

When not in use, holds an extra brake light

Side view

Jason Byler's Bumper
Jason Byler created this bumper for his Scotty

Jason's bumper after painting and installation.
Note the receiver he welded to it for a bicycle carrier.

Brian Ernst's Bumper
This bumper was on Brian Ernst's Scotty

Nancy Kroes' Bumper
This bumper was cut down from an old Shasta and added to Nancy Kroes' Scotty

Nancy Kroes' Bumper
A close-up of the mounting brackets on Nancy Kroes' bumper

Nancy Kroes' Bumper
A view of the underside of Nancy Kroes' bumper

Bumper caps

Robin Johnston found these 4" Oatey test plugs model 33403D.   They are intended for use to
seal piping or to hold in pressure while testing a 4" piping system.  They cost about $6 at Home Depot or Lowes.  
The plug has a wire nut to tighten or loosen the plug for removal.  Once tightened, a rubber gasket inside the plug
expands to securely plug the pipe (in this case, the pipe is the Scotty bumper).  I painted mine with spray paint
to match my Scotty and they look okay.  I painted the red part only so that the wing nut would still work properly.  
Because it uses a wing nut and not a locking nut it may loosen while traveling so it would be a good idea to
check that they are tight when stopping for gas.  I have a 1968 Scotty Gaucho with a 4"round bumper.

Karin says big rig marker lights fit perfectly with the grommet
inside the aluminum tube bumper.

Don found this cap in Home Depot's plumbing section

These caps fit inside the bumper

Norma found these in Home Depot's plumbing section.
They came in black or white and fit over the ends.


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