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Nancy's Axle Replacement

Nancy and Mabel bought the same axle Jerry used. Still loving it two years later!

2000 pound Flexride Torsion Axle

Old axle came off fairly easily after using PB Blaster on the nuts/bolts
and with use of some heavy-duty socket wrenches to get some good torque.

Measuring for the new axle. 61 1/2" for the Rear Door Scotty

And, 48 1/2" on the Rear Door Scotty - your measurements may vary

New axle - ordered Tuesday morning. Arrived Friday.

Painted with 2 coats of POR15 and installed with new bolts, nuts and
locking washers.

This is an adjustable axle. Remove the bolt to adjust.

Following Jerry's lead, adjusting it by 30 degrees, to ride higher

30 degrees

And adjusted. It was perfect.


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