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Replacing your axle

Courtesy of Johnny Wimer 6/12/22:

I was on the NSSO website and want to share some information about axle replacement.
I am in the process of restoring a 1973 Serro Scotty camper.  I contacted several axle manufacturers and was given a ship date of 6-8 months.

One of them recommended that I contact  Redneck Trailer Sales 877-973-3632.  These folks could not have been any more professional and accommodating.  They sent me a Dexter torsion axle form to provide them information for my particular use.  After returning the form, I received my replacement axle in three and a half weeks. It bolted up perfectly and raised the travel height three and a half inches. This was exactly what I was looking for.

I would highly recommend these folks to anyone looking to replace their trailer axle.

Courtesy of Mike Ekim 8/11/21:

Contacted Southwest Wheel today to order my replacement axle. A few things I wanted to share with the group.
  1. I do not recommend calling the number on the website,(800)-866-3336. You will be transferred to the Internet sales call center and deal with a less than knowledgeable representative. I had to walk them through the required measurements and available options. After being placed on hold multiple times, I confirmed my order and was quoted over $200 for shipping. I backed out and cancelled my order. I did some research and found the number for the store in Lubbock Texas and called them directly at (800)866-3339. Spoke with a very knowledgeable sales person who said he has recieved multiple complaints about the internet call center. He stated shipping should be between $80 - $100 at most for my location in indiana. Long story somewhat short, call the Lubbock branch, good service, knowledgeable and honest.

  2. Currently parts are on back order to built the axles. He stated there is a 8-12 week wait time. He took my name and number and put me on a first come first serve list. He will call me when parts are available and they get to my name on the list. They build the axles at this location. Online orders and orders through the call center end up at the Lubbock Branch.

  3. Looked into Dexter at a few dealers in Indiana. Was informed they are 4-6 months wait time.
    Just wanted to share that info for those of you who need to order a replacement axle. Even if you don’t need it right now, you may want to hold your position on the production list so you can take delivery in 8-12 weeks.
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