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Jerry's Axle Replacement

Jerry had to replace the torsion axle on his 1971 13' Gaucho and very graciously provided these pictures as a show and tell! 

  • Link to torsion axle Jerry purchased
  • 5 bolt on 4.5" centers
  • 61" hub to hub (your measurements may vary)
  • 48" outside to outside bracket (your measurements may vary) - this is the measurement required by the above axle company. They call it "outside frame" (Nancy's Rear Door was 48 1/2")

Before replacement - note distance from ground

After replacement - note distance from ground

Before left side

After left side

Before right side

After right side

Worn tire - right side

Worn tire - left side



Spring configuration (before)

Weak spring

Bent axle

Gap on right

Gap on left

Tires rubbing on wheel well

Soaking the nuts/bolts with penetrating oil

Dad can't resist helping!

Dad (Ed)

Bolt started

Bolts loosened

Lots of jack stands

Nuts backed off

Old axle off

Top right

Top left

Bottom right

Bottom left

Bolts & frame are good

New axle

Five lug - 4 1/2" centers

Top of hole needs to be slotted

One ton capacity



Snugged up

Adjusted 30 degrees

Added by Nancy - this is the part that allows you to adjust the
axle to raiseor lower your Scotty's ride. Loosen the nut, make your
adjustment and tighten it.

Centered nicely

Slotted bolt hole

Install complete

Right side

Left side



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