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Dexter Torflex Axle

Courtesy of Brian Dahl: I acquired my 1968 Serro Scotty Sportsman Gaucho 13' camper in March of 2014.  After pulling it for a few months, I decided I needed more height under the drop down floor (always worried about tearing it off going over a speed bump)!  After a lot of research on axles, I finally decided on the Dexter Torflex Axle with the E-Z Lube option.  This axle was also highly recommended by the trailer company that did the install.  As the install was done by the company, I don't have photos.  On a Scotty, it is nothing more than removing four bolts, removing old axle, and installing the new one. 

I recommend if you decide to purchase a Dexter Axle, you go to a trailer business and let them take measurements, and place the axle on order for you.  You can install yourself, or choose as I did, to have it installed by the shop.  If they make incorrect measurement, then they make it right.  Remember, these axles are built to YOUR specification.

Unlike the SW Axle (Company from Texas), the Dexter Axle is not adjustable.  It is made to your specification.  I decided on a 32 degree DROP on my axle, and that was a perfect choice for me.  It gave me an additional 6-8" height under the drop down floor!  When I acquired my Scotty, it had 16" wheels/tires on it.  When I had the axle install done, I also changed the wheels/tires to 15". With the raised height it is easier to change the tires and, no need to jack up both sides of the trailer at the same time to change a tires, as you should with the original axle.

On my axle there are NO hubs to pull to grease bearings!  With the E-Z Lube option I got, I just put my grease gun on the zerk, grease pumped in goes around front bearing, into axle, back around inside bearing then any extra goes into the Torsion Axle.  Never a mess on the backside, like with a hub.

The first time pulling my Scotty, after the Dexter Axle install, was a BIG difference in the way the trailer pulled.  It seemed to "float" over bumps, instead of jumping!  Very smooth pulling trailer now! I would highly recommend Dexter Axle to anyone seeking an axle replacement.

  • Dexter Axles (574) 295-7888

Dexter Axle

Scotty before axle replacement

Scotty after axle replacement

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