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Nathan Rockafellow's Air Conditioning Solution

I installed a portable 8,000 btu air conditioner made by Mobil Comfort (model KY-80) in my 1976 13' Gaucho. It works fantastic! I want A/C , but didn't want to take up valuable floor space or cut up the camper to vent a window unit. And, I needed something that wouldn't be in the way.

The Portable A/C vents through what use to be the propane furnace vent. It fit with only minor modification to the cabinet where the original furnace was located. It's a bit taller than the furnace, so I lost a couple inches in the closet above the unit. I made a new bottom for the closet, and installed an outlet from which to plug in the A/C. The unit works sooooo well. It's quiet and powerful. It has a feature where it's designed to evaporate it's own condensation. That feature works here in New England, but in especially humid locations, the system needs to be drained. My solution was to drill a small hole in the wheel well behind the AC and run a drain tube from the unit outside. I purchased the unit online, at

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