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Nancy Kroes' Scotty 4, a 1961 13' Front Kitchen Project

This is Scotty 4, a 1961 13' Front Kitchen model. I had actually been looking for this model for my parents to use when I bought Scotty 3, a 15' Front Kitchen. I bought this one directly from the owner on the shore of Lake Erie, east of Toledo, OH on 10/1/05. Jump to the start of her redo pics.

First day home!

The back side. You can see my "light bar" which worked great.

Her original tongue jack is a modified old car bumper jack. We removed the rod to bring her home as it appeared it might slip and drop down and that would not be a good thing! I've already purchased a new crank style jack which my dad will install. Also will replace her 1 7/8" coupler with a 2" version so all of my towables will be the same!

A close-up of the jack leg. Looks like it was just cut off at 26" and then the bottom opening filled in.

Looks like someone had been doing some target practice with a shotgun here!

Here's a close-up of her original license plate light/bracket.

The corner has pulled away here, but doesn't look too bad underneath.

The door handle is completely broken and parts missing, leading to the very
common interior door rot. I've rebuilt one door already and it is a
pretty easy thing to do. I have lots more white cedar 2x2's, so this
should go smoothly. All of her jalousey window panes are intact!
See the door rebuild...

A close-up showing the hinge is pulling right out of the door--sure signs of interior rot.

The kitchen. Missing a stove and, her icebox is gone. I wouldn't use it anyway
and am thinking 2 very large drawers here would be nice for clothing storage.
The sink is in good shape.

The original fixture over the kitchenette is in good shape, just hanging down.
All of the brown in the still original spatter paint is not rot, it is simply where
the paint is flaking off.

Potty room! She has a potty room. Another bonus for my parents. It looks as if she may have had a toilet at one time--there's a patched hole in the floor anyway. They have a porta-potty that will fit nicely in here. The original "Crystal-lite" mirror is still here and in perfect condition. And, its the round one, as opposed to the ugly square ones that Serro also used. I shall keep the mirror!

Inside of the potty room. That screen on the floor came off the front window. Both the front window and its screen need some repairs.

The back upper corner is where the water tank is located. The electrical comes in over the top of the water tank.

Has a propane light which will be removed.
I also like the cute little shelf that you can see behind the light. There's a matching one on the other side, and one across the back of the Scotty as well.

And, there are hammock brackets. Will NOT be installing a hammock though and the brackets will be heading to Ron S.

The back of the Scotty. Again, that brown is not rot. It actually is pretty solid inside and no rot that is discernable. That's the cute shelf just above the window. Kind of looks like a support from this picture, but its a shelf!

And, here's the other "cute shelf"!

This is a very large table. The original cushions are in place and they're the kind with the internal springs, not just foam. Bad shape and very heavy. Will be replacing with 4" thick "firm" foam!

Mabel says, "the cushions are ratty, but they are comfortable". And, "thanks again for the cool bandana Marti!"

That is one very BIG bed! 66" wide by 74" long! WOW. That was what made my parents decide they want to use this Scotty, so Scotty 3 will be up for sale on Ebay, probably Spring or early Summer!

These are the fabrics that will be used in this, my "Cowgirl" Scotty! Her walls will be pale yellow, with darker yellow cabinetry. The upper fabric is the curtains and the lower fabric is the cushions. The cowgirl inset is a close up of the curtain fabric.

And, I won an Ebay auction for this doormat! It will be affixed to the lovely folding porch/step my dad makes for these older Scottys that have such a high step up to get into!

I ordered an awning out of this Sunbrella fabric from Canvas Replacements.

And, won this vintage salt and pepper set on Ebay- the first, but not the last, of the Vintage Cowgirl "decor"!

Removed cabinet doors and drawers. The parts leaning on the kitchenette are pieces from her front window which needs a rebuild. Hopefully all the necesary parts are here (parts from the broken latch were found in one of the drawers).

Removed the potty room door. Will be adding a porta-potty here.

The cushions were tossed after taking their measurements. The lids to the dinette seats were 4 individual pieces of plywood. Will make them as one long piece each, using piano hinges.

The new cabinet knobs. I'll reuse the original hinges, but will paint them to match the new knobs. Thinking a flat brown and a glaze will do it!

While I was off in Nevada, my dad got the new 2" coupler and tongue jack installed.
He's also finished rebuilding the door. See that here.

And, he build the drawer unit that will fit in where the icebox was.

The new drawers, and yes, those are solid walnut sides!
My dad has a huge stash of walnut that was essentially free;
cheaper to use than buying pine!

I removed the back skin that is going to be replaced with Scotty 5 skin.
Worse shape than I expected. Plan now is to replace that bottom section of wood.

Side skin removed. Also worse than I thought.
Will be cutting the bottom section of wood out to replace with new.

My dad, seeing if the handy tool he made for removing Scotty 2's
staples will work here. And, it does, so I use it to remove them!

Section removed. Will probably replace the board across the bottom as well.

And, my dad cutting off the bottom of the side wall!
Circular saws scare me, glad he would do this part!

While I was removing the back, my dad was sanding down the door frame.

After sanding, I primed and then painted. Looks like new!

A close up of the frame and showing what I used to paint it with.

The new side replacement is cut

And installed

New structural pieces added as well as new floor panel

Dad and the other side of the new structural members and floor panel

The "porch" - my Dad made this sized to fit the door mat.
Makes a great step for getting in and out and the legs fold up so it
fits nicely in the drop down when traveling!

Close-up of the cushion fabric. Very "western" looking!

Dinette in place.

Dinette as a 66" wide bed

Potty room (no potty) door with original Scotty mirror
and three metal sculpture ponys.

Metal horsehead sculpture hooks

Cowgirl boot area rug

"Kitchen" but we opted to not put back the sink or 2-burner cooktop.
Such a small Scotty, much better to cook outside.

Spice rack with cowgirl decals and vintage wall mount canopener

My parents and Sophie - National Rally 2006 Picture

Little Cowgirl's new owners - 11/22/08
Ben, Hudson, & Lynn Stiles with Mabel

Bye bye Little Cowgirl
See you at the Rally in July...


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