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Nancy Kroes' Scotty 1, a 1969 13' Gaucho Re-do

My first Scotty was in decent shape. Just needed a freshening.

This is her first day at home.

This is her kitchenette as it was when I bought her. It is all original. The countertop is some kind of plastic--easily cracked. This one does have some small cracks in it. The stovetop was original and worked well. The painted blue spatter interior is original and was used in these Scottys until 1971 when they went to a wood-grain panelling. Note the decal on the back of the countertop and the Scotty logo on the front of the kitchenette.

This is the cabinet to the left of the door. A previous owner had built a rather ugly wardrobe on top of this cabinet, ruining the original countertop that had been here. I didn't need or want the wardrobe so I removed it. This Scotty came with an original furnace. Had I kept her, I would have removed it and put a cabinet door there and used it as storage space instead. Old propane heaters scare me and I would have much rather used a small "Mr. Buddy" propane heater instead. A previous owner added the towel bar—it proved to be a very handy addition.

I have removed the doors and the original ice box in preparation for a fresh new paint job. The spatter paint isn't smooth so I had to sand everything before painting.

I have removed the doors to the front cabinets. Earlier Scottys did not have doors on these cabinets, and some Scottys did not even have the cabinets! This Scotty came with the optional Humphrey propane light, as well as the original 12v light on the ceiling. I discovered this light worked only if the Scotty was plugged in to my car, and the car headlights were on!

1969 was the first year for the "picture window" front and rear—a 60" wide window. Keep the curtains open and you can see through while towing!

Dinette table has been removed for painting. A previous owner had added an electrical outlet on the front of the left dinette bench. A very handy enhancement and one I will also add to Scotty 2. There were no signs of any previous leaking in the front of this Scotty. And, her table was very solid. It was not however, the original tabletop.

Cushions removed (she came with all of her original cushions and they were in good shape!). There was some signs of previous water damage in the rear around the windows. Nothing too serious though, some wood putty took care of it. Since I wanted to be safe, rather than sorry, I did remove all the windows and reinstalled them with new putty tape that I purchased at Camping World.

More of the previous leaking damage. Again, not bad enough that a little wood putty did not fix it. All of this Scottys windows were in excellent condition including the screens and the cranks.

Upper kitchen cabinets with doors removed, ready to paint. That is an original Scotty light fixture. One side is 110 and the other is 12v. This cabinet was in excellent condition and all it needed was fresh paint.

This is the lower kitchen cabinet, door removed for painting. A very odd shaped space as it is over the wheel well, but a lot of things can actually be stored here. The plastic laminate was added by a previous owner. It cleaned up nicely so I kept it there. It did provide a nice washable surface.

Shows the wall. You can see why I decided this needed a fresh new interior paint job. From the pictures on Ebay, I had thought the interior was pretty pristine and originally thought I would keep the original spatter paint. But, it could not be cleaned and was pretty worn.

Our first campout in the new Scotty. Spring Lake Campground, a Michigan State Forest primitive campground. June, 2004 and it was in the 40s.

The Scotty in tow at a scenic overlook on 131, south of Cadillac, Michigan.

Getting ready to remove the windows and do the resealing work, in preparation for selling this Scotty on Ebay. I did discover that you can travel with the awning attached. No problems doing so at all.

All polished and waiting for her new owner to pick her up and head west into Illinois!

And, the right side all polished. The polish I used was a spray on and wipe off that I bought at Camping World. It worked well.

From the backside. She has her original license plate light/bracket and all of her original lights were in excellent condition and working! Both of her decals, front and rear, were also in good shape. I suspect that this Scotty spent a lot of her life garaged!

And, from the front side.

I had to buy a new propane tank because she still had her original one which is no longer legal to fill. I used my power wire brush to take the tongue down to bare metal and then primed it and repainted it with a new Rustoleum product I found, epoxy appliance paint. It left a very hard and very glossy finish. Since I sold it, I won't know how well it holds up, but it sure looked much nicer than regular old spray paint.

The roof showed signs of previous leaking at the front seam. The back seam was still tight. I had to clean lots of old goop out of the front seam and then resealed it using RV ProFlex from Camping World. The guy at Camping World said never use silicon on these trailers as it will peel right off. He's right. The previous owner had used silicon and it peeled right off! After I sealed the seams, I painted about 3" to each side of the seam using an elastomeric roof coating obtained at Camping World. No doubt in my mind that this roof is not going to leak anytime soon!

This Scotty had her original screen door and it was all there and in excellent shape. So many of the Scottys who have a screen door are missing the sliding panel that allows you to open the outside door.

She had her original floor covering and it cleaned and polished up very nicely!

This drawer under the couch is an enhancement done by a previous owner. A very handy enhancement, and one I will do on my other Scotty as well.

I found this retro Scotty fabric down in Shipshewana, IN. It set the color scheme for the whole redo. It matched the original kitchen countertop far better than the original color scheme did. Plus it even tied in the original blue cushion color!

This is just a shot showing what she looked like after I was all done painting and decorating. The little spots above the door are actually some cat decals I found. They surround some decals that spell out "watch your head". Someone had painted that above the door in my second Scotty and it is a good caution to heed! That door edge is kind of sharp, as I can attest from personal experience!

The front afterwards. I included the beautiful vintage melmac dishes, the teal-handled flatware, and the retro CD/AM/FM radio in the sale. One of my favorite things with these Scottys is decorating them. I chose "vintage Scotty" with this one.

This is a good shot of the ceiling. I assumed this ceiling had been replaced prior to my ownership, but I have seen pictures of at least two other Scottys with identical ceilings so I do not know for sure. That is the original 12v light fixture on the ceiling.

And, looking at the ceiling to the back of the trailer. That funky thing in the upper left corner was some kind of clothes dryer. It was there when I bought it, and it seemed like it might be useful, so I left it.

I found the vintage Scotty decor on Ebay. Also seen in this picture is the brackets for the optional Scotty hammock. If the hammock itself had existed, it wasn't present when I bought the Scotty.

And more of the "vintage Scotty" decor.

The couch (gaucho), with its original cushions. I had actually removed the cushions for my use and used this as a full time bed. Keeping the mattress I bought for my next Scotty!

My full time bed with the retro chenille "Scotty" bedspread I found.

The kitchen after I was done painting. See how much nicer the new colors go with the countertop? I chose to use a lighter color on the walls and a darker color on all of the cabinetry as I liked the contrast rather than all one color. You can see just a corner of the oak top I made for the cabinet to the left of the door. And, my buyer wanted the original top from my second Scotty, and the original table from my second Scotty. Since I am rebuilding this Scotty and going to replace them, I let them go with him.

She came with an original Scotty awning. It cleaned up and looked like new!

These are all the extras that I had bought for, and included with, this Scotty. The new owner was very happy!

The new owner, Ken, kneeling with Mabel, and his friend (standing to the left). Ken will be towing this Scotty with a 1963 Valiant station wagon. I had hoped he would come and get her with his tow vehicle but he'd not yet found a trailer hitch for his car.

My Scotty, on her way to her new home. Bye Bye Scotty 1, it was nice knowing you!


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