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Richard Skinner's 1970 15' Gaucho Rebuild

Picking her up - made my first mistake - Gorilla tape does not come off!

Home at last and she's had a bath!

Oops - what happened?

Out with the old - bye bye rot!

In with the new - what do I do with all this stuff?

New side - that's better!

New floor - I hope it fits!

Placing the floor alone was a bit of work, but it fit so all is well!

New wood - no rot - so nice!

A little trick I came up with to help me set the walls by myself.

One wall up!

Inside is coming together.

Now it is really coming together!

Never too much storage.

Going for the natural look with a hand rubbed oil finish.

More upper cabinets.

Making a bigger bed.

Full view.

More seating.

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