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Nancy Kroes' 1955 Lintz Craft Project

continued from page 1

Rusty wheels heading to the sandblaster

Fake antique wooden lures to be used on curtain tie-backs

Ah, the random orbital sander with 120 grit seems to be doing a fine
job removing the old paint and making the surface smooth

The screen door is delaminating and a new one will be made


Floor scrubbed. Weird looking stuff but in okay shape - keeping it.

New decor - hides some old screw holes in the wall

The bedroom is essentially done - just need curtains and pillow cases.
New "what happens at the lake stays at the lake" canoe decor.
Those vintage looking towels will be used for curtains on the big side windows.
Doing this as "vintage fish camp", hence the plush fish.

The space to be modified as a potty space.

Dismantling the space. The drawers that were there will
be installed under the beds.

The space with the drawers and other stuff removed (YUCK).

New panels and framing for the potty installed

Added a new subfloor too - there was no cleaning of the original nasty floor

The new "toilet" should fit nicely, with room for a paper holder too!

The toilet seat platform is done - just needs its hinges so it can be raised

This "cover" will be cut into 3 pieces and hinged so it can be folded out of the way.
A cupboard door, matching the existing cabinet doors will cover this from the front.

Toilet cupboard is done - now you see it...

And now you don't!

Uses biodegradable plastic bags and disposable diapers

Curtains and pillowcases done and installed. The stand is a cute little stand I
bought while in the Adirondacks to use with the Rear Door Scotty and then
never did. Makes a perfect lamp stand so I guess Lucille can keep it.

Used vintage style fish camp towels for curtains on the big side windows

Fake antique wood bobber decor and vintage books.
Used fake antique wooden lures for the curtain tie-backs (front and rear windows only).

Bought a collection of 1951 and 1952 (a very good year) Hunting & Fishing
magazines. Had already bought the vintage ice fishing pole for the cabin
and repurposed it for Lucille. The cool wooden fish came from Chris & Sandy.

Thank you Gordon and Maxine Chamberlin for letting me use your
RV garage to paint the second coat. First coat of paint, in my yard,
had thousands (literally) of bugs stuck in it.

An acceptable job - I rolled True Value's glossy XO-Rust using the 4" foam brushes

The decals (there's one on the back and a smaller one by the door) were
made by my graphics designer niece Emily. She used the LintzCraft logo
from period advertising. LintzCraft didn't actually put decals on until later.

The pristine 1955 Michigan trailer tag I found on Ebay.
It's a perfect finishing detail, I think.

Door window modification - the part that held the glass was degraded beyond
repair. There was a glass there when I picked up the trailer, but it had fallen
out by the time I stopped about 3 miles later.
I siliconed the new glass in from the inside up against what was left.

On the outside, framing it out with cedar with an exterior finish to give it a
cottage window look. It's framed on the inside too, but the mullions
are only on the outside. The Bargman L-66 got a new cylinder and a new
fishing/boating (floating) keychain

The Rainbow Trout welcome fish - attached to the inner side of the door

Edge of the flooring was ratty as you came in the door - added
a nice cedar threshold.

Countertop cleaned up nicely - same stuff as the floor.
Added a new Woolrich soap dispenser and toothbrush holder-they go with the curtains.

Close-up of the fake wooden lures - used 8 different ones for tie-backs
on the front and rear window curtains.

These cool iron utensils came with the trailer.
Found the antique enamelware coffee pot and hotplate on Ebay.
Had the two mugs custom made - one image is taken from a 1930s
Hunting & Fishing magazine and the other was a cover on an old
LL Bean catalog. Love them all!

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