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Nancy Kroes' 1955 LintzCraft Project

LintzCraft history

As purchased on Ebay, April 19, 2011
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Picking her up in Jackson, MI on April 22.
She looks so tiny between that Fan and that Airstream!
She is 74" wide, 93" tall and 15' long and weighs 1700 pounds.

No trailer pick up trip with Nancy is complete without stopping at Cracker Barrel.
She tows nice and level using the same hitch as used on the Scottys.

Home, safe and sound

And, most importantly, Mabel approves

These weird wheel well covers have to go.
Noticed they were NOT on there in the Ebay pictures.

Gone. Like the hubcaps. Wheels need sandblasting.

She looks much nicer without the covers.
I have some edge trim from a parts Scotty and can make edge trim for the wells.

She must have had a Panel Ray (or similar) furnace.

Glad it is already gone.

The space, not sure what was there (oven?), to the right will be
modified as a potty space. Sounds gross, but will look good when I'm done.

Nice big icebox and that 3 burner thing is cool!

A closet on each side of the hallway to the bedroom

One with mirror.

The table, which looks barely used. The table, counter and floor
all had matching laminate. The table isn't faded, the rest is, but still good to go.

The floor.

Has this type of window opener. Back window is missing its hardware. All of it.

Will keep these cute little racks.

The homemade shelf in the rear will be removed.
Mabel has already removed the right-side upper bunk (the left one
had already been removed) and the shower curtain rod that extended
across the rear.

Taking a break on the very comfy springed mattress.
Mabel says, "yup, we can sleep here. Where's my pillow and blanket?"

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