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Mark & Kathy Bailey's 1966 13' Gaucho Rebuild

This is the 1st day home with our new Scotty, in 2000. We didn't realize
how bad the damage was at the time...ugh.

This is a before picture of the inside. Someone tried to doll it up a bit
but, well you be the judge!

When we saw this, we knew there was trouble but we didn't
know just how much...

Be afraid, be very afraid...this is what is under the wrinkled walls y'all...

Rotting wood galore...oh boy!

Mark has started the new framework, replacing the walls this way
as not to lose the shape.

Ok, it looks intimidating at this point, but you have to keep on truckin'

We worked from back to front.

Now its beginning to look like a Scotty again. Or a woodie!
The white is insulation. Inside we put 1/4" plywood over the framework.
Then gave up for 4 years ... burned out.

A view of the roof before putting the inside paneling up.

The back inside before paneling. I used the silver TekFoil in the lower area
because I may need to get to the lights in the rear eventually and
didn't want to use the 3/4 " thick styrofoam I used between the rafters
in the roof and on the sides.

Here is our happy little Scotty - the wall covering (fiberglass wall board)
has been put up. The electrical is done, dc and ac.
And, the benches up front have been rebuilt and painted!

Here is my splatter work, It really wasn't hard but VERY MESSY!!
New fridge, electric, new cooktop, gas, new faucet. Original light though!
It cleaned up well..

The closet was painted a long time ago, but kept safe and clean.

New light fixture. I like it. This also shows the fiberglass wall board.
It cut so easily with a rotozip tool. It took 3 of us to install the ceiling though...

The benches are painted and in place. I have a swatch of the upholstery
I have on hand from the shop and thinking about putting this in it. Tucks and rolls,
but won't start sewing it until we get the couch built and installed.

Here is the hole which hopefully will soon be filled with couch!
I am waiting for the quarter round special order from Lowes.
Its rubber to conform to the curves on the wall joinings.
The wood and the styrofoam type round did not work!! They cracked and split.
I will be installing it around the cabinets also.

Who is this guy???? Years ago I was told it was Pedro from South of the Border in NC
but I'm open for more suggestions. It was on Scotty when we bought it.
So cute I decided to strip and repaint him too!

This is a decal my oldest daughter Caroline restored on the computer
and we had a decal made in vinyl from a sign company.
The front one is awesome too.

Ok this was a thought of my Dad, the DC light was needed to replace the gas
Humphrey light. I really didn't want another gas line routed there and so I
installed this good looking light from my Dad's model T Ford.
He ran the car with these on the back as taillights for about 25 years.
The car now has teardrop lights and he still owns it! Originally they were on the front cowl of model T's. In 1926, he told me they were lit with kerosene!!! Well now its DC powered! Get this, the lense is cut from a milk jug. Street Rodding at its best!!!!

Closer look at the light...

Squooshed up against the rear taking this pic of the front!
Can't wait till the qtr round comes in!

Closer looks of the kitchen cabinet and cook top.

I have gotten 3 out of the 7 cushions done.
I ran out of material and am now waiting on it! I like it the Tuck n Roll!

Here is the gaucho completed. Now I have to wait for material!!!  
I am also waiting on my turquoise and pink flamingo curtains to come in--tacky tacky!!

Here is the gaucho open into bed style (w/out cushions)

And closed for couch style...

This is showing the top drawers slid out

Now removed to show how the sliders are built.

Here is a close up of the top runners. The bottom drawers slide on 1x2 screwed
into the floor. I really do not believe this was original. The original spatter paint
was not at all on the drawers but there was original paint on the face board
where the board was cut out for the drawers. I liked having more storage so kept the improvement! We renewed the face board. It was pretty bad from the tear down.

The gaucho has been covered and these are the flamingo pillows I made to
match the curtains. They have pink "dingle balls" around them.
The black square on the wardrobe is a television!

Another interior shot showing the other side

A little lamp I found on ebay, and the tv is on.

Putting up the awning. Glad we have this--its very useful for extra square footage!

All set up and waiting for Mark to get out of work!

Daughter and camping buddy Katie and our 1st official camping Scotty style lunch.

We finally took old Nellie my '55 Chevy and Scotty to "Pirateland"
in Myrtle Beach. Both did fine. Old Nellie pulled Scotty great,
spark knocked a little over the new Cooper River Bridge, but She made it fine
the 200 miles round trip. Would you believe it didn't cost me
anymore gas than the car usually takes?

Night shot, note the flamingoes. I almost forgot to put them out! Heaven forbid...


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