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2007 Scotty Project (Justin Carl)

This Scotty was given to me (Nancy Kroes) and I immediately gave it to my nephew who has a 2-year old daughter and wants to make happy camping memories. I wish I'd gotten a picture of Izzy in the Scotty the night it arrived from Durham, NC. She loves it and is delighted and cannot wait to go camping!

Picture as sent by previous owners. This is a first year Sierra built Scotty.

After two days, fraught with blown tires and light problems, it has arrived in Michigan!

It's a cute little thing

This is the second blown tire

It really blew

It really really blew

Four days later and the work has begun

Nice screen door

The rear. Appears to have leaked around the window. That may be deceiving.

This part didn't look bad. That was deceiving.

Front actually appears okay.

Mabel is inspecting

Again, under inspection. Those boards are there to keep you from falling through.
That is a 3-way refrigerator.

Range hood light

Mabel takes her work seriously. Under gaucho. Water pump and tank.

Battery system. Disconnecting so recording for future use.

Removing this so recording for future return.

Another view of the battery area

Vinyl flooring removed

Mabel's cousin Justin. Proud of his new Scotty!

Entry vinyl flooring removed

Under gaucho area - vinyl flooring and water tank/pump removed

Another view - this plywood was saturated - water pools when you poke it.

And, the other side.

The plan for now is to let this sit all week and revisit process next weekend.
Right now thinking we shall lay new plywood over the old. I am thinking that would be
after scrubbing it down with a bleach cleaner and painting a couple of coats of KILZ.

Justin got his first taste of Bontragers as we killed a few hours and drove down. Bought the
two sheets of white vinyl clad 1/8" plywood needed for the lower rear ($12 per 4x8 sheet)
and a piece of 8' wide by 7' long wood look sheet vinyl for the new floor ($15 total and it is beautiful stuff)
Also a new heavy duty foot for the tongue jack ($5)

Week 2

Removing the spare tire mount - it was carriage bolted AND siliconed on

Rear window removed. Not installed with any kind of sealant. No wonder it leaked!

Lights off - now to remove the bumper

Bumper off - tackling the edge strips next

Propping up the plastic (not aluminum) roof material. WOW, what a soggy mess.

It is still sodden. Easy to see it was the window w/o sealant that caused this damage.
Above the window was in good shape. And, nasty fiberglass insulation, obviously wicked
the water once it started coming in and kept it wet. I never use the stuff myself.

No tools needed to remove this wood. It just peels off like wet cardboard.

Look, a visitor from NC. This slug is 5" long. Beautiful, in a creepy kind of way.
Hope it likes living in Michigan!

Light wiring

Light wiring

Light wiring

Kind of miraculous it held together for the trip from NC to MI

Making progress now

Now he knows what needs to be done

Cutting the first sheet of vinyl clad plywood (Bontragers, White Pigeon, MI)

There was metal to screw into for about 3' on the sides in the window area.
Nothing but styrofoam below. WHAT???

First sheet installed. Added an extra cross beam. Clamped and glued to the one above.

Looking good. One more piece to go and then tackling the floors!

Covering it back up until next week.

A couple more weekends of work since the last picture.

Interior floor painted with KILZ

Adding more framing.



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