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Aimee & Joe Beech's 1970 13' Gaucho Rebuild

Doorside - look at the Alaskan mountains in the background!

Original Scotty hubcap!

Under the front window rot

Under the gaucho by the access door

Dinette before pics

Previously repaired back - shelf is probably not original

Kitchenette and former ceiling repair before

Removing the interior

Aimee's dad - carefully removing the edge strip!

Carly is all ready to help!

Free wood Aimee's dad got from a new restaurant.
Aimee had to remove lots of screws, but free is good!

Tipping off the frame

The original roof - a pretty common seal job!

The original floor

Frame is exposed

New floor - 1/2" treated plywood and treated 2x2's

Joe is cutting a new side

Both sides are on - new flooring is in

New rear/top/front paneling going on - note the white welting

Sides, front, top & rear are done and window & door openings cut

New wheel well

New taillight support

New door - custom built by R and G Mobile Home Supply

View from the back window

New dinette - table fits!

New couch & furnace cabinet

What a view - if you come to Alaska, stop by!

Power converter under sink

Under sink

Battery, water pump & water tank, under driver's side dinette seat

Two 20# gas rods installed to hold up gaucho storage lid

Front of converter

Kitchenette installed

Insulation on; wiring complete

Propane lines done

Removeable storage bunk (made by dad)

New roof metal

Side done

Metal complete; openings cut

New edge strips (last of stock, obtained from local vendor)

New access door - modified by dad to match siding

Rear view

Repainted logo

New Boomerang (Classic) Formica - tabletop & counters

12 volt boat lights - throughout

New propane light

Mallory likes it!

New decal installed!

Dad, the autobody mechanic, painting the aqua



New 12 volt roof vent

New floor installed

Finished back

Finished front

Waiting for cooktop

Ready to roll!


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