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1972 13' Gaucho Project (Bill and Denise Henderson)

As found

Sitting for years

Original interior

Older Norcold refrigerator

The teardown

Lots of rot; all must go

Stripped to the rails, new lift (tongue jack) added

Frame coated and floor started

Wiring and sealing the underside

Sides up

< align="center"img src="11 more interior.jpg" width="700" height="525" />
More interior

Flooring in


More bench


3-way fridge, sealed cabinet

Retro laminate

Kitchen details

Elf helping...

Foam foil insulation

Bubble foil insulation walls

Punch cut louvered vents for upper 3-way vent

Window installed

New door hinge; removed pin, cut in screen hinge piece

New western red cedar door with foam insulation

Fitting siding

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