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1968' 13' Homebuilt Project (Gerta, Nancy Kroes)

Picked up in Petosky, MI on 7/28/12. She's 93" tall and 84" wide, box is 10' long

Did not realize the dinette window glass was broken. This has since been fixed. Gotta
love my local TrueValue Hardware store. They also replaced the screen in all three windows.

Nice Bargman license plate light/holder. This will be sold. I am replacing with an LED unit.
The door will also be replaced with an all wood door, not quite as tall and maybe arched.

Left appendage on the side is the water filler. Missing the old gas cap style cover.
Right one is a sink vent.

Nice sturdy spare tire mount. Propane tank is welded to some steel cross braces. ???
Tongue jack does not work and will be replaced. Tongue jack has been replaced and the
propane tank set-up removed. No propane going back in her.

Shasta-style coupler. Mechanism works great.

Floor damage caused by missing door window. She is now completely gutted inside so it should be easy
to cut out the damaged floor and replace with new.

Original door. The Bargman L-100 was sold.

The very spacious kitchen which has now been completely removed and discarded.
The stove and sink have a new home with someone else.

Sink and stove are in nice condition

Upper left kitchen cabinet. Electric light and outlet. Cannot find any signs of
how the trailer is connected to electric. Removed outlet and find what appears to be 12 volt wiring.
Getting power from being plugged into the car? ODD!

The opposite side of the kitchen.

Dinette window

Table. It is permanently attached to the wall. But too short to use as bed anyway.
This has been removed and discarded.

VERY nice Traveler ice box (Traveler stove top as well). This was removed and discarded.

Much nicer than those used in Serro Scottys. But will replace with a refrigerator.
Narrow bunk beds. Will rebuild the back. Remove upper bunk and wider lower bed.
Gone, gone and gone.

Lots of room to widen the bed.

Big full depth drawers. All gone.

Gutted. Was surprised to find she is all 1x1" welded steel frame. Wish my Dad were here to see this. He would be impressed
by the builder's mad welding skills (and by mad, I mean GREAT). Normally it is a huge NO NO to gut from the inside,
but in this case, it is not an issue.

Kitchen side

Former dining room side, now living room - replacing dinette with a couch with underneath storage drawers and roll out "potty".

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