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Dan & Alice Russell's 1975 18' HiLander (Trunkback) Rebuild

Right side, as acquired

Right front, as acquired

Left side, as acquired

Front, as acquired

Rear, as acquired

Trunk, as acquired

Left rear, as acquired

Original decal

As acquired

Vent, as acquired

Shower, as acquired

New - shower stall

Kitchen, as acquired

Original, above refrigerator

Original closet

Original plumbing

Original under bed

New - water pump

Original, under roof skin

Original vent area

Rotted side wall

Rotted side walls

Ceiling rot

Interior of door

Door cardboard interior

Rear trunk door

Rear trunk door rot

To right of door

To left of door

Walls are gone

Not much left

Almost gone

Dump pile

Painting the frame

New floor - no dropdown, just a step in

New Advantech floor

New floor framed

New floor insulated


New flooring installed

Tracing new wall

Cutting inside of new wall

New wall framing

Framed wall insulated

New walls installed

Insulating the wheel wells

New insulated door frame

Dinette started; wheel wells framed in

New cabinet framing

Refrigerator cabinet

New dinette going in

New bed framing

Ground bar and fuses

New door trim

New front going on

Framing added to front

Front insulated, ready to skin

New one-piece roof skin

New and old cabinets all installed

Finished Kitchen

Finished Rear

Finished Dinette

15' HiLander to the left; 18' Trunkback to the right

Snowed first night out




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