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Christi & Terry Partee's 1959 Serro Rear Door Project

This Scotty was purchased in Kansas in a non-Ebay online auction.

Terry & the Seller, the day it was picked up

Tows nicely

Terry has just finished repacking the wheel bearings for the trip

Has a jalousy window in the door - most have a fixed window

Perhaps had a dinette and not a couch (gaucho)
Hard to say - very extensively altered by previous owners

Kitchen is completely removed

Closet is no longer as original

These "goodies" were found inside

Signs of a blue spatter original interior were found

Interior of the door window - almost looks like a later addition

The VIN 5912034 was located!

All that's left of the "insulation"

A hole - not just rot!

Tongue has been repainted - strangeness is due to previous owner
making it longer

The back panel of skin removed from left of door - its a mess

3 layers of carpet

Interior with carpet removed

More carpet removed - rot under the added 2x4

New tires & this side has been Skotch Brited.
Looking good Terry!

Windows out

Removing 3 layers of carpet

This is the carpet just from the rear

Installing new door framing

Wild man - too many toxic fumes!

New sub-floor installed

Sides were rotted - replacing

Interesting - this is nothing like Nancy's or the one at the RV Museum!

New sides, waiting to be cut

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