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Issue #098 [Archived Newsletters] May 5, 2013


Our new youngest member - Austin with Grandpa Bill

Upcoming campouts

Probably 20 Scottys coming to Boone, NC over Memorial weekend, hopefully three-five for the Lake Superior camp-out in July, six to ten for the Adirondacks event in September and six to ten for Letchworth in October. If you are coming to the latter two, best get your reservations in soon, both campgrounds should be fully booked.

Scotty Gatherings

Mississippi River Camp-out, April 11-14
From left to right: Cricket, Jonathan & Jacob Jester, Nancy & Mabel Kroes, Cathy & Bill Heilman, Bob Patton, Macy & Larry Purtle, Jackie Patton, Jody & David Babbs, Kevin Helwig, and Alana & Lowell Appling
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Welcome Six New Members from Five States


  • Ronald Baun, White Plains


  • John Hayes & Erika DeRoche, Medford
  • Steve Provost & Maria Paradis, Paxton

New Jersey

  • Debra Lee, Phillipsburg

New York

  • Rochonne Simons, Oswego

North Carolina

  • Rudy & Vivian Brauer, Winston-Salem


Looking to buy or sell a trailer?


Scotty Restorations

The NSSO is very picky when it comes to recommending trailer restorers. We are proud to announce we have added a fourth member to this exclusive group, Classic Trailer Specialists in East Jordan, Michigan. Tom Bernot has requested that I remove his listing as he is simply too busy at this time to take on any more projects. Perhaps after he retires from his real job. More info...

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Website stats

In April we had over 7,100 unique visitors, who made over 9,700 visits and viewed over 27,700 pages for total hits of over 460,000.

A large number of those visitors spend 1+ hours per visit. The most viewed pages are /rebuilds, /resources, /newsletter and /campouts.

Scotty Images

You can now buy a retro-fit replacement for your Bargman L-66.
See it at

Krylon Shortcuts Metallic paint

Count Jane and Don as yet another happy user of Jeff Fisk's excellent camper water solution!

Nicole happily used
Ross Wade's tutorial for replacing the upper window gasket.

Beau is making progress, but sadly we will not be seeing them in Boone.

The Eulers, back to work on their '72

Tim is making quick progress on his '80s Scotty rebuild.

Debbie just picked up a '68 project

Paul got a great deal on a campable Scotty - "Doc" (after his dad)

Whoa! Dom, Ray and Marlee just bought a '65 Airstream to eventually replace their aging Sunline. Needs a lot of work, we won't be seeing it out and about anytime soon.

Steve & Maria's new Trunkback

John & Barb camped in Virginia

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